Ophidia Spathe

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Ophidia Spathe
Ophidia Spathe icon1.jpg
Season 3
Type Chest Armor
Class Hunter
Rarity Exotic
Description Listen carefully when the serpent speaks, for its tongue is forked, and its words have two meanings.
Mobility 12
Resilience 6
Recovery 7
Discipline 6
Intellect 2
Strength 16
Exotic Engram Exotic Engram
May rarely be obtained upon completion of any challenge or dropped from defeated enemies.
Xûr Xûr
Occasionally sells this weapon in exchange for 23 Legendary Shards.

Ophidia Spathe is an Exotic Chest Armor.





This item can be obtained randomly from Exotic Engrams, and is occasionally sold by Xûr.



You are the blade.
You are balance. You cut through the air with poise and grace.
Your hands are quick. Your feet are light.
You strike like silent lightning.
Your light shines like a glistening edge in the sun.

You are the snake.
You are level and silent. You move with purpose.
Your enemies feel fear in your presence.
Your fangs are sharp and quick.
Your eyes are clear and your wrath is blinding.

You are the blade. You are the snake.

Strike. Shimmer. Survive.


Ophidia Spathe1.jpg

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