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Recovery is a stat. It determines how quickly your guardian begins the health regeneration process after being hurt and how quickly the health bar itself refills once the regeneration has begun.

Restorative Titan-Warlock Armor or Survivalist Hunter Armor means the armor has increased Recovery.

The maximum possible amount of Recovery is 15, which requires +3 Recovery from all four universal Armor pieces as well as Self-Repairing Armor Mods on the Helmet, Leg Armor and Warlock Bond (only usable by Warlocks). Titans and Hunters, lacking access to Self-Repairing Mods on their Class Item, can only achieve 14 Recovery.

(Note: The Wise Warlock Bond, which is lost at the end of Homecoming, grants +1 Recovery but cannot take Armor Mods.)


Visualization of Recovery

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