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How accurate and stable this weapon is while airborne.

Airborne Effectiveness is a weapon stat that affects airborne gunplay. It was added in Version 4.1.0[1], with the launch of the Season of the Haunted.

This stat was initially hand-tuned on all Exotic weapons, all weapons shipped in Season 16 and Season 17, and all weapons that were ever released as Trials of Osiris or Nightfall loot. Older Legendary weapons have a default value that is set per weapon archetype to a value just below the middle of the allowed stat range.[2]

This stat is currently hidden outside of the Destiny 2 API, but is set to become visible in-game, along with several other stats, with the launch of Season 18.[2]


Airborne Effectiveness affects the accuracy and Aim Assistance of weapons when fired in mid-air. It is present on all weapons, except those where being airborne has no effect, such as Swords.[2] In general, having low Airborne Effectiveness provides a greater penalty to airborne accuracy and aim assist, while having higher values reduces this penalty.

Airborne Effectiveness, like other weapon stats, can range from 0 to 100. It is not possible to go below 0 or above 100.[3]


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