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Aim Assistance is an weapon stat which affects the degree to which a player's shots are guided towards a target.

Aim Assistance Mechanics

Aim Assist can be broken down into 3 mechanics:

  • Bullet Magnetism
    • The path correction of rounds fired at targets.
  • Reticle Magnetism (Controller only)
    • The strength of the magnetism that draws the reticle to a target.
  • Reticle Friction (Controller only)
    • The tendency for look sensitivity to slow down as the reticle passes over a target

The Aim Assist Cone

The field where Aim Assistance begins to take effect can be visualized as an invisible cone which projects out and away from the player up to a certain distance. Bullet magnetism begins to take effect when a target is within this invisible aim assist cone.

Aim Assistance

The Aim Assistance stat increases the angle of the aim assist cone such that it is less narrow.


The Range stat increases the depth of the aim assist cone.


The Stability Stat effects the Aim Assist cone during continuous fire. While firing a weapon, the aim assist cone's angle shrinks down to a floor. Stability decreases the rate at which this cone shrinks.


The Zoom Stat does not directly affect the Aim Assist cone size, but the cone does maintain its angle before and after the zoom effect. Furthermore, since the depth of the aim assist cone is effected by range and zoom increases effective range, the depth of the aim assist cone is increased by proxy.

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