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Attack is a measurement of a weapon's damage ceiling. A higher Attack value allows a weapon to inflict damage to higher-level enemies. Note that the floating numbers displayed when damaging an enemy are scaled to the level of the target. Therefore, a weapon with an Attack value might of 300 might inflict 1000 damage to a high-level enemy, but only 50 damage to a low-level target. In either situation, assuming that the weapon's Attack value is capped in relation to the level of the enemy, the percentage of health removed from the target will be the same. Major and Ultra enemies take half damage from all sources.

Displayed Attributes AttackImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedBlast RadiusVelocityCharge TimeSwing SpeedEfficiencyMagazineRounds Per MinuteDraw TimeAccuracyShield Duration
Hidden Attributes ZoomInventory SizeAim AssistanceRecoil DirectionAirborne Effectiveness
Armor Defense (Armor)MobilityResilienceRecoveryDisciplineIntellectStrength