Blast Radius

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Blast Radius is a ranged weapon stat that is available only to Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers. It increases the size of the AoE caused by the projectile's explosion. Higher Blast Radius allows the player to hit more enemies with larger explosions. Damage falls off further away from the epicenter of the explosion. Higher Blast Radius stat both increases the number of targets you can hit and improves the damage dealt to opponents not directly at the center of the blast.

Displayed Attributes AttackImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedBlast RadiusVelocityCharge TimeSwing SpeedEfficiencyMagazineRounds Per MinuteDraw TimeAccuracyShield Duration
Hidden Attributes ZoomInventory SizeAim AssistanceRecoil DirectionAirborne Effectiveness
Armor Defense (Armor)MobilityResilienceRecoveryDisciplineIntellectStrength