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Charge Time is a weapon stat that is exclusive to Fusion Rifles and Combat Bows (Draw Time, rather than Charge Time, is used for Combat Bows). It is proportional to the weapon's Impact value, meaning that a higher Charge Time will always be paired with higher Impact. Similarly, a lower Charge Time will yield a higher Rounds Per Minute value, and vice-versa.

Internally, the Charge Time of a given Year 2 (Linear) Fusion Rifle and the Draw Time of a given Combat Bow are determined by the weapon's current Charge Time Rating. A low Charge Time Rating forces a long Charge/Draw Time while a high Charge Time Rating forces a short Charge/Draw Time.

Fusion Rifles

Fusion Rifles have their Charge Times determined primarily by their archetype. However, the two Weapon Perks Liquid Coils and Accelerated Coils --- which change Charge Time Rating by, respectively, -10 and +10 --- can rarely cause Fusion Rifles of different archetypes to end up with the same Charge Time, a feat which is not possible for other weapon types.

Charge Time Rating Charge Time Fusion Rifle Archetype
0 900 High-Impact + Liquid Coils
10 860 High-Impact
20 820 High-Impact + Accelerated Coils
30 780 Precision + Liquid Coils
40 740 Precision
50 700 Precision + Accelerated Coils, Adaptive + Liquid Coils
60 660 Adaptive
70 620 Adaptive + Accelerated Coils
80 580 Rapid-Fire + Liquid Coils
90 540 Rapid-Fire
100 500 Rapid-Fire + Accelerated Coils

Linear Fusion Rifles

Charge Time Rating Charge Time Perk
20 567? Liquid Coils
30 533 None
40 500 Accelerated Coils

Combat Bows

Charge Time Rating Draw Time Weapon Type
30 880 Wish-Ender
50 800 Trinity Ghoul
60 760 Precision Combat Bows
80 680 Lightweight Combat Bows

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