Adaptive Frame

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Adaptive Frame
Adaptive frame icon1.png
Type Intrinsic
Description A well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy.
Auto Rifles Refrain-23, Lionheart, Ros Lysis II, Cydonia-AR1, Rebuke AX-GL, Scathelocke, Martyr's Make, Galliard-42, Solemn Hymn, Ghost Primus, Restoration VIII, The Forward Path, Null Calamity 9, Medley-45, The Last Breath, The Doubt
Hand Cannons Ballyhoo Mk.27, Better Devils, Minuet-42, Presto-48, Allegro-34, Annual Skate, The Old Fashioned, Mos Ultima II, Judgment, Older Sister III, Living Memory
Pulse Rifles Last Perdition, Cadenza-43, Bayesian MSU, Psi Termina II, Cadenza-11, Encore-25, Swift Ride, Inaugural Address, Eternal Slumber, Jorum's Claw, Impromptu-49
Sidearms Traveler's Chosen, Traveler's Chosen (Damaged), Drang, Controlling Vision, Vertical Orbit QSm, Traveler's Judgment 5
Submachine Guns Forte-15, Etude-12, Protostar CSU, Resonance-42, Harmony-21, Foggy Notion, Mob Justice, Royal Dispensation II, The Hero's Burden, New City, The Conqueror 2
Fusion Rifles Nox Echo III, Nox Calyx II, Timelines' Vertex, Nox Veneris II
Grenade Launchers Wicked Sister, Plemusa-B, Para Torus I, Play of the Game, Memory Interdict, Interference VI, I Am Alive
Rocket Launchers Pentatonic-48, Cup-Bearer SA/2, Hoosegow, Classical-42, Countess SA/2
Sniper Rifles Elegy-49, Troubadour, Dead Zone Rifle, Shepherd's Watch, Aachen-LR2, A Single Clap, The Mornin' Comes, Eye of Foresight, Maxim XI, The Domino, Belfry Bounty

Adaptive Frame is an Intrinsic Weapon Perk that establishes the spectrum of effect that Weapon stats will influence.

Auto Rifle
Damage (hp) X-15.75
Hand Cannon
Maximum Range (m) X-20