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Intrinsic perks define the archetype of a weapon or a piece of armor.


As of the release of Armor 2.0, armor intrinsic perks are deprecated. Existing armor and armor pulled from collections now have static stat rolls. Intrinsic perks of Masterwork Armor pieces can be changed. Legendary armor pieces that have an intrinsic perk may have it changed when masterworked.

Titan Sets

Warlock Sets

Hunter Sets


All weapons have an intrinsic perk which decides its stats. For non-exotic weapons, this intrinsic perk is commonly known as its archetype. Notably, a weapons damage and RPM is affected by its archetype.


All exotic weapons and armor have intrinsic perks unique to them. These perks provide extra functionality and behavior. in addition to this, exotic weapon intrinsic perks inherit a weapon archetype. This means that they inherit behavior from those archetypes, most notably, damage and RPM.