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A shaped copy of Empirical Evidence. Note the icon in the bottom-left corner.

Shaped Weapons, also known as Crafted Weapons, are weapons created through Weapon Shaping.


To shape a specific weapon, players must first unlock the weapon's Pattern. At first, players will only have a limited set of Weapon Perks to choose from when shaping the weapon. The weapon will start at Level 1. As the player uses the weapon to get kills and completes activities with it equipped, its level will increase. Leveling up a weapon does not inherently improve its stats. However, increasing the weapon's level will unlock access to new perks and Enhanced Intrinsics when reshaping the weapon at the Relic, which can alter its stats.

Shaped weapons generally function in a similar way to normal weapons. Shaped weapons can be dismantled or locked, although they must be unlocked and unequipped to be reshaped at the Relic. They can be infused with other weapons to increase their Power Level. Infusing a shaped weapon with another copy of that same weapon (shaped or not) will cost Glimmer1.png1,000 instead of an Upgrade Module.jpg Upgrade Module. Legendary shaped weapons can equip Weapon Mods.

Enhanced Intrinsics replace the Masterwork stat bonus found on normal weapons. Each will increase a specific weapon stat by +10. When a weapon is Level 20 or higher, Enhanced Intrinsics will also grant a minor stat boost to the weapon stats tied to the other Enhanced Intrinsics on that weapon. Usually, all of a weapon's perks will be unlocked by Level 20 as well. If a crafted weapon is shaped with an Enhanced Intrinsic and two Enhanced Traits, its icon will receive the same gold border and appearance as fully Masterworked items.[1]

If the weapon has a Memento equipped, it will unlock cosmetic bonuses if it has reached specific levels, with the highest requiring Level 30.

There is no benefit to leveling a weapon past level 30, aside from showing off how long the player has used the weapon.

Adept Weapons

See also: Adept Weapons

Certain Adept weapons can be enhanced, giving them similar properties to crafted weapons and limited access to perk reshaping and Enhanced Traits. Enhanced Adept weapons are leveled in the same way as crafted weapons.


Crafted weapons can be leveled by using them to kill enemies, or by having them equipped when most activities end.


  • Using shaped weapons to complete normal difficulty PvE activities without additional modifiers, such as Strikes, bounties requiring weapon kills, patrols, Public Events, and Lost Sectors, can help speed up progress early on. PvP activities, such as Crucible and Gambit, may be more difficult without a good build.
  • Equipping traits that help the weapon clear large groups of weak enemies more quickly, rather than doing more damage to stronger enemies and bosses, can make the leveling process go somewhat faster. However, these kinds of perks usually have higher level requirements as a result.
  • It is possible to switch to crafted weapons right before the end of an activity (i.e. before the rewards drop) and earn weapon XP for those weapons from the activity completion despite not using them.
  • The Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid (requires the Forsaken Pack to access) is a popular activity among players for leveling crafted weapons, due to the large amount of Taken Thrall enemies. The encounter can be accessed by using the Wall of Wishes, or by getting the checkpoint from another player.
  • The "Thrallway" areas in the Shattered Throne dungeon, where Shadow Thrall respawn endlessly, are not an option for leveling crafted weapons, as the Shadow Thrall in those areas do not grant weapon XP.[2] This also applies to the clones created by Taken Psions.

Weapon Level Boost

Apply to increase this weapon's level. Repeated applications are allowed.

Higher weapon levels have a greater currency cost.

An alternate method to level crafted weapons is the Weapon Level Boost. This option can be found in a socket on the weapon's Details screen. By spending Glimmer1.png Glimmer and Enhancement core icon1.jpg Enhancement Cores, players can increase the weapon by 1 level at a time. The cost increases with the weapon's level. If the weapon's XP bar is partially filled, then boosting the weapon's level will overflow and leave it at the same amount of progress on the next level.

This table lists the costs for different ranges of levels. The costs are the same for all crafted weapons, regardless of rarity.

Level Range Cost Per Level

Patch History

    • Weapon level progression per kill in PvP modes has been increased slightly.
    • Weapon level progression for activity completions has been increased slightly for the following areas:
    • Weapon progression rollover behavior has been added. If weapon level progression earned from activity completion exceeds what is required to level up the weapon, the excess will now be applied to the next level.
    • Crafted and Enhanced Weapons now have a new mod socket visible in the inspection screen for weapon level boosting. Players can use Glimmer1.png Glimmer and Enhancement core icon1.jpg Enhancement Cores to apply a Weapon Level Boost mod to directly level their weapon with escalating costs as the weapon level increases.
  • 7.1.0[5]
    • Crafted and enhanced weapons using Special icon.png Special ammo now make slightly faster weapon progress from kills.
    • Fixed an issue where crafted Bows were not getting their stats upgraded when reaching Level 20.
  • 4.1.5[7]
    • Slightly reduced the time to level a shaped weapon.
  • 4.1.0[1]
    • Weapon Crafting: The Masterwork visual has been added to crafted weapons. The weapon must be reshaped with an enhanced intrinsic and two enhanced trait perks in order to Masterwork.
      • We heard y’all liked gold borders.
    • Guardian Games playlist activities now grant progression towards Deepsight weapons and levels


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