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To Infuse is to dismantle a powerful weapon or armor piece and use it to increase the Attack (for weapons) or Defense (for armor pieces) of another weapon or armor piece of the same type. The process is more commonly known as Infusion.

How to Infuse

To perform the process of infusion and improve the base Attack/Defense value of a Legendary or Exotic item (infusion cannot be done on Common, Uncommon or Rare items), one must first acquire a Rare, Legendary or Exotic item of the same base type (weapon type for weapons, class and slot type for armor pieces) and with a higher base Attack/Defense value (i.e. the Attack/Defense value before the effects of Legendary mods). Note: Trace Rifles are classified as Auto Rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles are classified as Fusion Rifles for the purposes of infusion.

Once both items are in the player's inventory, the player must go into the Details section of the item to be upgraded, select the Infuse slot, highlight the item with superior base Attack/Defense, and confirm the Dismantle for Infusion action if the player has the required materials. On success, the stronger item will be destroyed, and the weaker item's base Attack/Defense value will be set to that of the destroyed item.

Cost of Infusion

The required materials for infusion depends on the rarity of the item being dismantled for infusion:

Limits of Infusion

Currently, infusion can be used to bring items up to 700 Light.

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