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Mods are items which can be installed into a character's gear to provide additional benefits.


Once the player obtains a mod, this mod is unlocked in their collection, and can be slotted into any appropriate piece of gear. Multiple mods can be installed into a piece of armor, a single mod can be installed into a weapon, but some items do not support mods at all.

All weapon mods and seasonal mods are Legendary. Armor mods are mostly Common, with the exception of seasonal ones.

Weapon Mods

These mods slightly alter the weapon's performance, like Backup Mag, which increases a gun's magazine, or Icarus Grip, which improves accuracy while airborne. A class of mods called Adept mods can be socketed only on Adept weapons—which are obtained from high-end activities such as going Flawless in the Trials of Osiris or completing Grandmaster Nightfall: The Ordeal.

These mods additionally cost Glimmer to socket.

Armor Mods

Each armor piece has an elemental type that determines which armor mods can be installed into it. Armor mods are divided into 7 types: General, Head, Arms, Chest, Legs, Class Item and Combat Style. General and Combat Style Armor Mods can be slotted into a designated slot on any piece of armor, other types can be inserted only in designated slots on the specified armor piece. Raid armor has an additional socket for mods from that raid only. Year 3 armor's Combat Style socket is replaced with Legacy, which accepts the same mods, as well as Nightmare Hunt, Last Wish and Garden of Salvation mods.

Armor pieces also have a certain energy charge value, which can be increased by Masterworking them. Each armor mod has an energy cost, which displays how much of an armor's charge this mod will take. For example, Ashes to Assets is a Solar Helmet Armor Mod with an energy cost of 3. It can be installed only into a designated socket in a Solar type Helmet which has at least 3 free charges.

Ghost Mods

Starting from Year 4 Ghost Shells lost their perks in exchange for mod sockets. Like armor, Ghost Shells can be upgraded, which increases their energy capacity and allows to socket mods, but without elemental affinity. There are four mod sockets on each Ghost Shell: Experience, Tracking, Economic, and Activity. The last one is initially unavailable and unlocks only after Masterworking the Ghost Shell.

Seasonal Mods

Season of the Undying brought Seasonal Artifacts into the game. By gaining experience, the player can unlock 12 out of 25 available seasonal mods in the Artifact. These mods are removed from the game at the start of a new Season, unless the next Season's Artifact contains the same mod, but the player will have to earn it again.


Previously, there was an exchange system, but now mods can be obtained from these sources:

  • Rank-up packages from most of the vendors;
  • Banshee-44 sells 2 weapon mods, his stock changes daily;
  • Ada-1 sells 2 armor mods, her stock changes daily;
  • Some mods can be obtained by doing various activities, like Raids.

Mod List

Due to the amount of mods in the game, the list of mods is separated by types:

Gear Type

Ghost Shell

Combat Style

Legacy and Raids