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A weapon's magazine stat tells you how many shots it can hold at once, when fully loaded. Swords, lacking a reload mechanic, instead have Ammo Capacity, which indicates how many light attacks' worth of ammo can be stored at once.

Internally, the magazine size/ammo capacity of a given Year 2 weapon is determined by 1) the weapon's archetype (e.g. High-Impact Pulse Rifle), and 2) the weapon's current Magazine Rating. Changes to a weapon's Magazine Rating, usually due to switching between different Magazines and Batteries perks, always result in at least a unitary change to magazine size/ammo capacity (this holds true even for Year 1 weapons, which were given fixed magazine sizes rather than Magazine Ratings).

Certain perks, like Ambitious Assassin, can allow a weapon to (temporarily) 'overflow' its standard maximum limit.

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