Ambitious Assassin

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Ambitious Assassin
Ambitious assassin icon1.png
Type Trait
Description Overflows the magazine based on the number of rapid kills before reloading.
Auto Rifles Ghost Primus, The Last Breath
Hand Cannons Midnight Coup, Older Sister III
Pulse Rifles Inaugural Address, Machina Dei 4, Impromptu-49
Scout Rifles Conspirator
Submachine Guns Mob Justice
Rocket Launchers Sins of the Past
Ambitious Assassin is a Weapon Perk.

Additional Information

  • Ambitious Assassin only triggers on conventional reloads while remaining magazine ammo is smaller than the magazine size. Effects and actions that add ammo to the magazine or transfer it from reserves (such as crouching behind a Rally Barricade or casting Marksman's Dodge) do not trigger this perk.
  • Ambitious Assassin adds 10% of magazine size per recent weapon kill to the ammo in the next magazine, up to a maximum of 50% at 5 recent weapon kills.
    • Example: If a magazine normally holds 30 rounds, reloading with 5 recent kills will cause the next magazine to hold 45 rounds instead.
    • The Ambitious Assassin buff displays in the lower-left corner of the screen while the remaining ammo in the magazine is greater than the weapon's magazine size.

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