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Conspirator icon1.jpg
Season 1
Type Scout Rifle
Slot Energy
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Solar
Foundry Emperor Calus
Archetype Lightweight
Description Did Ghaul always dream of a republic? What terrible worm burrowed into his heart that he would betray my love and plot against me?
Impact 60
Range 43
Stability 45
Handling 68
Reload Speed 60
Rounds Per Minute 200
Magazine 16
Zoom 20
Inventory Size 52
Aim Assistance 71
Recoil 55
Bounce Intensity 45
Bounce Direction Tends Vertical
How to Obtain
Imperial faction icon1.png Leviathan
Obtained from the Leviathan Raid or from Benedict 99-40.
Conspirator PvP Stats
Optimal Time-to-Kill 1.20s
Optimal Kill 4 crit 1 body
Body Shot Time-to-Kill 1.80s
Body Shots to Kill 7 body
Crit Damage 44
Body Damage 29
Conspirator is a Legendary Scout Rifle.

Perks - Curated Roll


Sight / Barrel

  • Smallbore icon1.png Smallbore - Dual strength barrel.
    • Increases Range.
    • Increases Stability.
  • Polygonal rifling icon1.png Polygonal Rifling - Barrel optimized for recoil reduction.
    • Increases Stability.
  • Extended barrel icon1.png Extended Barrel - Weighty barrel extension.
    • Increases Range.
    • Decreases Handling Speed.

Magazine / Battery


  • Dragonfly icon1.png Dragonfly - Precision kills create an elemental damage explosion.

How to Obtain

Detailed explanation on how to acquire Conspirator


  • The default shader for this weapon appears to be identical to the Calus's Selected shader.


Ghaul spent too much time in too close communion with those I had humbled. No good would come of those hushed tones and sidelong glances. Did he think I would not notice?

I dispatched a spy to follow him. To think that I felt guilt in that moment; one should never doubt their gut when it comes to trust in another.

I realize now what I should have realized then. As I am like no other, then no other is alone as I. What a curse it is to be a god that loves!



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