Full Auto Trigger System

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Full Auto Trigger System
Full Auto Trigger System icon.png
Type Trait
Description Holding down the trigger will fire this weapon at full auto.
Pulse Rifles Nergal PR4, Bayesian MSU, Darkest Before, Battle Scar, Vigilance Wing (with Catalyst)
Scout Rifles Trax Lysis II, Seven-Six-Five, Conspirator, Metronome-52
Grenade Launchers The Prospector
Shotguns Badlands Mk.24, Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun, Unification VII
Full Auto Trigger System is a Weapon Perk.

Additional Information

Full Auto Trigger System offers the weapon the ability to be fired in fully automatic mode, simply hold the trigger and the weapon will continually fire. Although it isn't mentioned in the perk description, Full Auto Trigger System also increases the gun's rate of fire by a small amount. VEIST Rapid-Fire and Rapid-Fire Frame (Shotgun) are some other perks that add full-auto capabilities to semiautomatic weapon classes.

Pros: Achieving maximum TTK is slightly easier with this perk as you will not have to worry about not pulling the trigger fast enough or choking the gun due to pulling it too quickly. As well some users may find shooting in full auto to be easier to track targets. It also increases the gun's damage output a little bit.

Cons: Firing in full auto will often cause the user to be more frivolous with their shots. Users may track targets by swiping a spread of shots instead of placing their shots accurately on their target. Full Auto can lead to greater overall recoil and is not often wise to use at long ranges. Overall full auto can lead to bad gunplay habits and create a disconnect between the gun and its user.

Overall: Full Auto is a perk that is good for those with a slow trigger finger or who are less competitive. It increases the ease of use of a weapon and can lower the intensity of gunplay. Really it’s a perk that is nice having but not a must-have, in many situations a different perk would be more beneficial, sometimes this perk may even be detrimental.