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Combat Bows are a Primary-ammo weapon type introduced in Year 2. They are charge-fire weapons which reward careful aim but must be reloaded after every shot.

Unlike Fusion Rifles (another charge-fire weapon type), Combat Bows do not automatically fire once they are fully drawn --- the player is able to hold a fully-drawn shot for a short time before they are forced to discharge the weapon due to fatigue. If needed, the player can use the Reload function to cancel a shot in progress, conserving ammo which would otherwise be wasted on a missed shot.

So far, Combat Bows are available only in two rarities: Legendary and Exotic. The Leviathan's Breath is currently the only Combat Bow to be equipped on the Power Weapons slot.

Combat Bows by Rarity


Item Icon Slot Rarity Impact Range Stability Handling Reload Speed Rounds Per Minute
Le Monarque Le monarque icon1.jpg Energy Exotic 76 51 59 46
Leviathan's Breath Leviathan's breath icon1.jpg Power Weapons Exotic 60 10 10 10
Ticuu's Divination Ticuu's divination icon1.jpg Energy Exotic 68 57 69 64
Trinity Ghoul Trinity ghoul icon1.jpg Energy Exotic 80 55 58 55
Wish-Ender Wish-ender icon1.jpg Kinetic Exotic 92 91 46 37


Item Icon Slot Rarity Impact Range Stability Handling Reload Speed Rounds Per Minute
Accrued Redemption Accrued redemption icon1.jpg Kinetic Legendary 76 49 60 46
Arsenic Bite-4b Arsenic bite-4b icon1.jpg Energy Legendary 68 62 64 64
Biting Winds Biting winds icon1.jpg Kinetic Legendary 76 49 54 46
Hush Hush icon1.jpg Energy Legendary 76 46 54 46
Imperial Needle Imperial needle icon1.jpg Energy Legendary 68 48 71 64
No Turning Back No turning back icon1.jpg Kinetic Legendary 76 53 59 46
Point of the Stag Point of the stag icon1.jpg Energy Legendary 76 46 60 46
Subtle Calamity Subtle calamity icon1.jpg Energy Legendary 76 46 52 46
The Spiteful Fang The spiteful fang icon1.jpg Kinetic Legendary 68 55 74 64
The Vow The vow icon1.jpg Energy Legendary 68 60 64 64
Tyranny of Heaven Tyranny of heaven icon1.jpg Energy Legendary 68 63 52 28
Whispering Slab Whispering slab icon1.jpg Kinetic Legendary 68 58 68 64

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