The Vow

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The Vow
The vow icon1.jpg
Season 5
Type Combat Bow
Slot Energy
Ammo Primary
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Solar
Archetype ?????
Description "'Til death do us part." —Lord Shaxx
Impact 68
Accuracy 54
Stability 60
Handling 64
Reload Speed 64
Draw Time 612
Zoom 18
Inventory Size 64
Aim Assistance 84
Recoil 51
Bounce Intensity 49
Bounce Direction Tends Left
Earned during the seasonal Crimson Days event.
The Vow PvP Stats
The Vow is a Legendary Combat Bow.

Perks - Curated Roll



  • Polymer String icon.png Polymer String — Unbreakable bowstring.
    • Slightly increases accuracy
    • Slightly faster draw time


  • Natural Fletching icon.png Natural Fletching — Feather-light with good control.
    • Slightly decreases accuracy
    • Greatly increases stability

Trait 1

  • Rapid hit icon1.png Rapid Hit - Rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed substantially.

Trait 2


How to Obtain

Detailed explanation on how to acquire The Vow



"'Til death do us part." —Lord Shaxx

In the courtyard of the Tower, Lord Shaxx stares out at the Last City. He puts his foot up on the railing and sighs.

Arcite 99-40 knows Shaxx's moods, because they are his own moods. He sidles up to Shaxx and follows his gaze to the horizon.

"What's on your mind, boss?" he asks with the friendly rhythm of a local bartender.

Shaxx is quiet for a long time, but Arcite is indifferent to the passage of time. When Shaxx speaks, it is with a deep, sobering gravity.

"Today," he says. "I will marry them all."

Hours later, after Arcite has finished tying off the bouquets and gathering the doves from the mountains beyond the City, Shaxx addresses the courtyard.

"Guardians," he booms. "These Crimson Days are a time to renew our bonds to one another. We gather together. We remember what we owe each other. We declare our love." He holds up a bow for the crowd to see. "Bring your fiery passion to the Crucible. Prove your devotion to your Bond." He pauses. "To those of you who win this bow... I offer my hand in marriage! Take it or leave it!"

Arcite releases the doves. Someone screams. Doves have not been seen in the Last City for a long time.


The Vow1.jpg

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