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Crimson Days is an annual Live Event that is held in the period of time between weekly resets which contains Valentine's Day (February 14th). It offers players a chance to acquire exclusive cosmetic items including Shaders, Emblems, Ghost Shells, Ornaments, Sparrows, and Emotes. The main focus of the event is a special 2v2 Crucible playlist with mechanics encouraging pairs of players to stay close to each other; however, exclusive rewards await those who continue to accomplish their usual weekly Milestones as well.

  • Crimson Days will begin at weekly reset on February 13, 2018 and end at weekly reset on February 20, 2018.

Important Information

Participation Requirements

While all players are invited to experience Crimson Days, some Activities and Milestones may not be available on characters who do not meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the Red War campaign
  • Achieve Level 20
  • Reach 290 Power Level

Earning Crimson Days Rewards

Listed below are the various activities which give event rewards during Crimson Days:

  • Milestone: Welcome to Crimson Days
    • Upon first logging in with each character for Crimson Days, players will be greeted with the "Welcome to Crimson Days" introductory Milestone. This Milestone may only be completed once per character for the entirety of the Crimson Days Live Event, and requires Tower access in order to be completed.
    • The Milestone, which asks the player to visit Lord Shaxx after finishing five Crimson Days playlist matches, awards the Fire of the Crimson Days Emblem and the Tirastrella Ghost Shell upon completion.
  • Crucible: Crimson Days Playlist

Items Exclusive to Crimson Days


PvP Activities

  • Crimson Days Crucible Playlist (2v2 Clash with Rounds?)
    • Allows solo players and 2-man fireteams to queue
      • Matchmaking pairs solo players together to form temporary 2-man teams
    • Includes map The Burnout, a variant on Destiny's The Burning Shrine. Other maps are not yet known.
    • Abilities recharge faster while you are close to your teammate.
    • If you travel too far away from your teammate, your position will be marked with a waypoint which can be seen by the other team.


  • Crimson Engrams
    • Each item in this engram is awarded once before any item is awarded a second time. Buying Crimson Engram items from Tess Everis with Bright Dust prevents the purchased items from being awarded from Crimson Engrams until all other Crimson Engram items have been awarded once.


All Ornaments other than Dieselpunk can be obtained from Crimson Engrams or bought from Tess Everis with Bright Dust.

Ghost Shells

  • Tirastrella
    • Awarded upon completion of the Welcome to Crimson Days Milestone


  • Undeterred
    • Rare reward from Crimson Days playlist match completions



Crimson-Days-specific Shaders can be dismantled for Bright Dust.