Crimson Days

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Crimson Days
Crimson Days is a Live Event in Destiny 2.


Crimson Days is a winter event that is held during a week which contains the Valentine's Day. Lord Shaxx is the vendor in charge of this event, he offers bounties and sells cosmetic items and a weapon. The player has to reach power level 790 and unlock the Tower to be able to participate in this event.

This event is mainly focused on the special Crucible mode, the Crimson Days. It is a variation of the Showdown mode, where the players fight each other in teams of two, and the team that scores the most kills is the winner. Each round lasts for two minutes, and the players receive a special buff or a debuff about ten seconds in. The team that stays together receives the "Reunited" buff, which increases their ability recharge rate. The team that stays apart receives the "Drifting Apart" debuff, which shows their position to the enemy team. When a player's teammate is defeated, they receive the "Vengeance" buff, which significantly increases their ability recharge rate for a short time and restores a small amount of health.

The Crimson Days currency are the Confectionery Hearts, which can be obtained by playing the Crimson Days mode or completing Shaxx's bounties. Some of his bounties require the player to complete certain activities while in a fireteam, which means they should manually join a team, and matchmaking will not count. The amount of Confectionery Hearts a player can receive from each activity is as follows:

  • Weekly Crimson Days bounties — 75;
  • Daily Crimson Days bounties — 15;
  • Crimson Days mode wins — 7;
  • Crimson Days mode losses — 5.

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