Confectionery Heart

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Confectionery Heart
Confectionery Heart icon.jpg
Season 5
Type Currency
Rarity Rare
Description A candy heart to keep your Bond sweet.
Source Acquired from Crimson bounties as well as match completions within the Crimson Days playlist.

Confectionery Heart is a Crimson Days Currency.


This item can be obtained only during the Crimson Days.

The player can earn this currency by completing Crimson Days bounties or playing the Crimson Days Crucible mode:

  • Weekly Crimson Days bounties — 75 Confectionery Heart icon.jpg;
  • Daily Crimson Days bounties — 15 Confectionery Heart icon.jpg;
  • Crimson Days mode wins — 7 Confectionery Heart icon.jpg;
  • Crimson Days mode losses — 5 Confectionery Heart icon.jpg.


Confectionery Hearts can be used to by cosmetic items and The Vow Combat Bow from Lord Shaxx during the Crimson Days.

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