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Season 23 Emotes

See also: Season 23 Emotes
Angelic WingsAngelic wings icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsTime for some heavenly hovering.
Barrel BathBarrel bath icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsSoggy armor is a small price to pay for true relaxation.
Brave ExplorerBrave explorer icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsI've got a bad feeling about this.
CurtsyCurtsy icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsFor more formal occasions.
Destructive WizardDestructive wizard icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThere are some who call me... the Guardian.
Disorienting TeleportDisorienting teleport icon1.jpgExoticBright Engrams...I have no memory of this place.
Dragon SummonDragon summon icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsYour treasure hoard will one day rival Xûr's.
Excited ElfExcited elf icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsThey're here! They're here!
Falling FlurriesFalling flurries icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsGet ready for the blizzard. Any minute now...
Luminous VigilLuminous vigil icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsIn memory, lights are never truly lost.
Magic LampMagic lamp icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsMake a wish! Wait, not that wish.
Slippery PatchSlippery patch icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsI'm good! Phew, I'm good.
Sneaky ThiefSneaky thief icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsMine... mine... also mine... this as well.
Steepled StareSteepled stare icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThere are some things a person should never forget.
Tacky SweaterTacky sweater icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsSome call it tacky, others call it high fashion.
Take Out the TrashTake out the trash icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsI must return home now; my people need me.
Time's TickingTime's ticking icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsWe don't have all day!
UnacceptableUnacceptable icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThis development is most unpleasing.
Warrior StanceWarrior stance icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsAll right, here goes!

Season 22 Emotes

See also: Season 22 Emotes
Abstract MeditationAbstract meditation icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsIn each shape, a resonance.
Accursed SunFile:Accursed sun icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsIt burns!
Eerie HandsEerie hands icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsWhere's a theremin when you need one?
Forlorn PhotographForlorn photograph icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsA moment, frozen in time...
HoverboardHoverboard icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThe future is now!
Imprecise SnackFile:Imprecise snack icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsAlways thankful for the five-second rule.
JumpmasterJumpmaster icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsGo! Go! Go!
Magic WandMagic wand icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsHocus pocus, abracadabra, alakazam!
Nothing to See HereNothing to see here icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsBusiness as usual, move along.
Olfactory GestureOlfactory gesture icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsStink. Stank. Stunk.
Pumpkin CarvingFile:Pumpkin carving icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsA Golden Age tradition.
Runic SketchingRunic sketching icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsI need to practice my handwriting...
Samba DanceSamba dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThese grooves need to make way for these moves.
Skeletal DanceFile:Skeletal dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThe bones are their money.
Square DanceSquare dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsYou coming to the shindig at the farm tonight?
Summoning CircleSummoning circle icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsArise, worm!
Vampiric PoseFile:Vampiric pose icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsFor those who stay in the shadows.
Weekday DanceWeekday dance icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsIs it creepy or is it kooky? Probably both.
Wicked TauntWicked taunt icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsI'll get you, my pretty! And your little Ghost, too!
Yo-Yo TrickYo-yo trick icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsAccept the ebb and flow, the spin and bind, and control the impossible.
Zombie ShuffleFile:Zombie shuffle icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsBraaaaaaiiiiiins...

Season 21 Emotes

See also: Season 21 Emotes
A Tiny FriendA tiny friend icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsMoths aren't so bad when they aren't exploding.
All DoneAll done icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsWash your hands of it.
Bailing WaterBailing water icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsI really wish that I knew how to swim!
Catch of the DayCatch of the day icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsIt was THIS big!
CherubicCherubic icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsYou're all innocent smiles.
Circling SharksCircling sharks icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsAt least they don't have laser beams.
CrabcoreCrabcore icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsCarcinization comes for us all.
Down Under DanceDown under dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsHow many of you can do this at once?
GadgeteerGadgeteer icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThere's nothing this gold bolt can't fix-or break.
Guardian PrideFile:Guardian pride icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsBeware, it goeth before the fall.
Liberated FishFile:Liberated fish icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsIf you love something, let it go.
Mime TimeMime time icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsI found the box, but where's the loot?
Peace by the WaterPeace by the water icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThe fishing was great! The catching, not so much.
Rainbow ConnectionRainbow connection icon1.jpgExoticBungie.net Code RedemptionLet your true colors shine.
Siren CallSiren call icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsMy shell phone plan is almost out of minutes.
Solar ReverenceFile:Solar reverence icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsNo such thing as too much praise for the sun.
Stargazer (Emote)Stargazer icon1.jpgLegendaryEververseI'm just gonna ignore those triangular things.
Tentacle TrapTentacle trap icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsMake it go away!
Up Periscope!Up periscope! icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsI spy with my vertical eye...
Water BalloonFile:Water balloon icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsAww, now I'm all wet.
You Say DanceYou say dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsYou say dance. I say dance. We say dance.

Season 20 Emotes

See also: Season 20 Emotes
Can't Go OnCan't go on icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsIt's hopeless!
Championship DanceFile:Championship dance icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsDance like everyone's watching.
Come at MeCome at me icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsI'm ready, are you?
DartsFile:Darts icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsBullseye!
Experimental MishapExperimental mishap icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsStand back, I'm about to do science.
Flamenco DanceFlamenco dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsClap, clap.
Free ThrowFile:Free throw icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsNothing but net.
Keeping TimeKeeping time icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsBum! Bum! Bum! Bum!
Mandolin-sistenceMandolin-sistence icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsI strum, you listen!
Polar DancePolar dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsPretty polarizing.
Quick CardioQuick cardio icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsNo matter how fast I run, I never get where I'm going.
Right This WayRight this way icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsAfter you.
Simon SaysSimon says icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsNow repeat after me...
Spray and PraySpray and pray icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsSurely one of these will hit its mark.
Techeun LevitationTecheun levitation icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsFloat your way back to the Reef.
The Deep LoreThe deep lore icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThe answers are in there somewhere...
Thinking with PortalsThinking with portals icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsWhat you put in may not be what comes out.
Touch GrassTouch grass icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsI thought the graphics would be better out here.
WeightlifterFile:Weightlifter icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsDo you even lift?

Season 19 Emotes

See also: Season 19 Emotes
Action Figure ShowdownAction figure showdown icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThe drama of legends in the palm of your hand.
Belly LaughBelly laugh icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsA real deep chortle.
Coach DanceCoach dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThe feeling of victory just has to be expressed!
Dance OffDance off icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThe only possible way to resolve our differences.
Decadent CocoaDecadent cocoa icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsPerfect for chilly nights.
Disciple's JudgmentDisciple's judgment icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThe Disciple has no time for this.
Downhill SkiingDownhill skiing icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsHere's how the pizza plays in.
Flight DanceFlight dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThe key is not to think about the ground.
Ghost Fist BumpGhost fist bump icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsAlways got your back, friend!
My 10-Gallon HatMy 10-gallon hat icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsHave I shown you my hat?
Oh YouOh you icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsYou're too kind! ...But say it again.
Red Light, Green LightRed light, green light icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsAnd... red light!
Rolling RulebookRolling rulebook icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsHang on, let me look this up...
Snowboard TricksSnowboard tricks icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsA real smooth operator on the slopes.
Solo Fist BumpSolo fist bump icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsYou can't leave yourself hanging.
Spy GogglesSpy goggles icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWhat CAN'T these see?
Standout PoseStandout pose icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsMake your first move!
Stow the RingsStow the rings icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsNot just for hedgehogs.
Stress BallStress ball icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsIt's important to de-stress.
Tripwire DodgeTripwire dodge icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsIt's like a dance, just with higher stakes.
VR ExplorationVr exploration icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsIt's like I'm really there!
Wall SneakWall sneak icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsBlending right in with the environment.

Season 18 Emotes

See also: Season 18 Emotes
Bobbing for ApplesBobbing for apples icon1.jpgExoticFestival of the Lost 2022 Upgraded Event CardIt's not nearly as easy as it looks.
Brilliant IdeaBrilliant idea icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsI have the brightest idea!
Buster RayFile:Buster ray icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsSometimes it's the Busted Ray...
Couch NapCouch nap icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsJust let me rest my eyes for a minute.
Disallowed BannerDisallowed banner icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsNo fun allowed! There's a sign and everything.
Dramatic CountdownDramatic countdown icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsAnd... ACTION!
Energetic ExplanationEnergetic explanation icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsI'm so happy you asked! Let me explain...
Feast of FeelingsFeast of feelings icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsIce cream just tastes better alone.
Fresh BaguetteFresh baguette icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsSo good you can't take just one bite!
Gong ShowGong show icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsMight want to cover your ears.
Great Stuff DanceGreat stuff dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsNo one can stop the power of... dance!
Hatchling HuddleHatchling huddle icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsI have to protect them all.
High Seas DanceHigh seas dance icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsJoin in, crew! I just found me sea legs!
Investigative DanceInvestigative dance icon1.jpgLegendaryFestival of the Lost 2022 Upgraded Event CardGetting all warmed up to solve a mystery!
It Was YouFile:It was you icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsIf it wasn't me, and it couldn't have been them... then it had to be you!
No EscapeFile:No escape icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsShould have worn my good sneakers!
Pirate TreasurePirate treasure icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsFeast your eyes on these, mateys!
Scene ClapperScene clapper icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsScene five, take one hundred!
Spherical RuminationsSpherical ruminations icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThere is much to ponder...
Swab the DeckSwab the deck icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsPut your back into it!
Tangled StrandsTangled strands icon1.jpgExoticLightfall Pre-Order BonusAll that time playing cat's cradle really paid off.
Thinking HeadacheThinking headache icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsLet me get this straight...
Victorious CaptainVictorious captain icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsSea monsters are no match for this captain!

Season 17 Emotes

See also: Season 17 Emotes
Buzz OffBuzz off icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsGet it off get it off get it off!
Cabal LoyaltyCabal loyalty icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWhich way to the front lines?
ConductorConductor icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsKeep in tempo.
Finger HeartFinger heart icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsFree finger hearts for everyone!
Flaming Hula HoopFlaming hula hoop icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsBetter not let it fall.
Force Squad DisplayForce squad display icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsReady at any given moment!
Glow Stick DanceGlow stick dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsGot these sick glow sticks and these sick glow stick dance moves.
Guarding GlaiveGuarding glaive icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsIt's heavier than it looks.Glaive color updates based on Guardian class.
Happy SmilesHappy smiles icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsNothing but positive vibes!
Happy StarsHappy stars icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsToday couldn't get any better!
Hot Dog Eating ChampHot dog eating champ icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsWhere I come from, we call that a SNACK!
Knitting ProjectKnitting project icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsKnitted pattern will change based on current Guardian class.Just one more row.
Live Disco DanceLive disco dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWho said disco was dead?
Loyal CompanionLoyal companion icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsForever a Guardian's best friend.
Paper WindmillPaper windmill icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThe wind chill factor just got ten times cooler.
Rocket StompRocket stomp icon1.jpgExoticBright Engrams3... 2... 1... Liftoff!
Shower of WealthShower of wealth icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsMay the rewards of victory rain down.
SkateboardingSkateboarding icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsDon't ask if I can do an ollie.
Sparrow GetawaySparrow getaway icon1.jpgExoticBright Engrams...I meant to do that.
Tee BallTee ball icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsInto the bleachers!
Thunderous SwordThunderous sword icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsBy the Light of the Traveler!
Water GunWater gun icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsSpray and pray. Emphasis on "spray."

Season 16 Emotes

See also: Season 16 Emotes
A Funny ThingA funny thing icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsDoes it live in the world? Or in the mind?
A Huge CrushA huge crush icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsNo love was lost.
Bug CatchingBug catching icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsShh! You'll scare them away!
Canned RageCanned rage icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsImagine this can is you.
Courtyard CelebrationCourtyard celebration icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThe height of decorum.
DIY ForgemasterDiy forgemaster icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsBanshee would be proud.
Dastardly StacheDastardly stache icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsTwirl for maximum cliché.
Dropped CallDropped call icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsHope you have insurance.
Force Squad StanceForce squad stance icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsAn evil force approaches.
Glaive MistakeGlaive mistake icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsNobody saw that…
Glimmering GunslingerGlimmering gunslinger icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsKill them with kindness.
Hold That PoseHold that pose icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsSetting up for your big scene.
Maximal MalhariMaximal malhari icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsA stunning victory deserves a stunning display.
Mental ManifestationMental manifestation icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsAt least I'm safe inside my mind.
Reigning ChampionFile:Reigning champion icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsCome take it from me.
Ta-DaTa-da icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsYou seeing this?!
The Big CheeseThe big cheese icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWho cut the cheese?
Turn the TablesTurn the tables icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsA sore loser's last refuge.
Viral CelebrationViral celebration icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsTop 10 streamer freak-outs of all time.
Water BreakFile:Water break icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsStay hydrated!
Wiggle WormWiggle worm icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsIt tried to kiss me!
Workout DanceWorkout dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsBurn those calories.

Season 15 Emotes

See also: Season 15 Emotes
Aim and FireAim and fire icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsMeasure twice, fire once.
Anniversary PoseAnniversary pose icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsNo Guardian is an island, but this comes close.
B-Ball HeroB-ball hero icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsAncient wisdom passed from the Golden Age suggests that the ball itself is life.
Bad SceneBad scene icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsWatch what happens to this place when you leave for five minutes.
Calming DownCalming down icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsBreathe deep, Guardian, you've got this.
Cat Ear DanceCat ear dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsNyah!
Coiffure CorrectionCoiffure correction icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsPreserve your fresh look.
Dandy LionDandy lion icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsFloating through the skies, like little colony ships seeking new homes.
Double Hands DanceDouble hands dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsA dreamy dance sure to rock the planet.
Drat and BlastDrat and blast icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsCease and desist their foolishness.
Drone FlightDrone flight icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsAround your head in 80 frames.
DrumrollDrumroll icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsPrepare for the big news!
Fiddler's DanceFiddler's dance icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsOn the green or in a round, come and gather to this sound.
Flick DanceFlick dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThe hippest trip on Haumea.
Force Squad PoseForce squad pose icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsMilk this moment for all it's worth.
Gourd SummonerFile:Gourd summoner icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThe darkest secrets, the most powerful rituals to summon the ultimate power.
Hat WobbleHat wobble icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsGhost, do we have any new sequences?
I Like ThatI like that icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsGood vibes inside.
Ice CarvingIce carving icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsMasterpiece in a melting medium.
It's OverIt's over icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsThe writing's on the wall.
It's ShowtimeFile:It's showtime icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsDid somebody say my name?
Joyful BurstJoyful burst icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsExuberant until the last moment.
Jubilant DecreeJubilant decree icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsJubilee means the cancellation of debts and the promise of a prosperous future for all.
Lagomorpha LunariaLagomorpha lunaria icon1.jpgExoticBright Engrams"Legends say this lunar creature holds powerful gifts, but who would ever visit the moon to check?"
Lion TamerLion tamer icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThe mightiest foes cower before you, Guardian.
Magnetic AttitudeMagnetic attitude icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsSolo Guardians may take down opposing armies… or bring a party all by themselves.
Necromance DanceFile:Necromance dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsA spooky dance for a spooky time.
Oh, HelloOh, hello icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsA bold greeting for a bold champion.
Petra's Party TrickPetra's party trick icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsA simple trick with a deadly lesson.
Pumpkin DanceFile:Pumpkin dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThe latest dance fad to sweep the City.
Rag DollRag doll icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsWhoever said Titans couldn't fly?
Ripe SniffRipe sniff icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsIt may not be roses, but it is yours.
Robot DanceRobot dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsHydraulic fluid pressurized. Coolant levels optimal. Initiate rhythmic display.
Royal AlignmentRoyal alignment icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsSit like a queen.
Scary FeetScary feet icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsSomething wicked this way comes.
Shhhh!Shhhh! icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsWalk softly, and carry an absolutely enormous mallet.
Ski WalkSki walk icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThere are ambitious ideas about recreation on Europa once things calm down a bit.
Snow BunnySnow bunny icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsIt makes all the children happy.
Snowball FightSnowball fight icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsIncoming!
Spinning JuggleSpinning juggle icon1.jpgExoticBright Engrams"It's simple! By comparing the rate of loss of angular momentum varied with the length of the string…"
Struggle SkateStruggle skate icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsCheck your laces and learn to fly.
Too Cool DanceToo cool dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWith victory assured, take time to rejoice.
ToprockToprock icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsBuild it up, break it down.
We Came to Get StartedWe came to get started icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsHey, Ganymede, are you ready to rock?
Wild ThoughtsWild thoughts icon1.jpgRareBright Engrams"Some of these Warlocks end up a few clips short of an armory, ya know what I mean?"

Season 14 Emotes

See also: Season 14 Emotes
Absorb the EtherAbsorb the ether icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsSo that's what the Fallen are so interested in.
At Wits' EndAt wits' end icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsThat's it. No more. Please.
Cable SkipperCable skipper icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsQuestions remain about the "Guardian with the alligator purse."
Eliksni HatchlingEliksni hatchling icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThe Circle of Ether
EmbarrassedEmbarrassed icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsMaybe nobody saw that.
Fancy Hat RollFancy hat roll icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWhether tramp or champion, make a dramatic first impression.
Hacker TimeHacker time icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsMess with the best, die like the rest.
Head SlamHead slam icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsDemonstrate your true ultimate power.
Here I AmHere i am icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsFlaunt your incredible look.
Joke BangJoke bang icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsDon't be so glum.
Let Me InvestigateLet me investigate icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsIt's elementary, Guardian.
Mote JuggleMote juggle icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsCome one, come all to the great Solstice!
No FairNo fair icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsI didn't come here to make friends.
No SignalNo signal icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsIt's surprisingly difficult to get reception up here.
Read the MapRead the map icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsMaybe it was a left turn at Arcturus?
Ready for AnythingReady for anything icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsGet ready for anything.
Reflecting GlassReflecting glass icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWho's the greatest Guardian of all?
Rim ShotRim shot icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsWhat is the deal with jumpship food?
Roller DanceRoller dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsNo parking on the dance floor.
Sassy Hair FlipSassy hair flip icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsNow make it work.
Splish SplashSplish splash emblem icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsPut on your wellies and splash around.
Throne of AtheonThrone of atheon icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsGuardians make their own fate…

Season 13 Emotes

See also: Season 13 Emotes
At Long LastAt long last icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsThe wait is over.
Blade BreakerBlade breaker icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsEmpires fall before you.
Blowing UpBlowing up icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsTick tick BOOM!
Chain YankerChain yanker icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsAre you for real right now?
Chomping DanceChomping dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThis dance is jawsome.
Cracking UpCracking up icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsLoosen up those joints.
Faithful PledgeFaithful pledge icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsForever in your service.
Festive SparksFestive sparks icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsLet your joy light the night sky.
Fist PumpFist pump icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsYes…
Flailing DanceFlailing dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsDance like nobody's watching.
Flip and FlexFlip and flex icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsEat your heart out.
For the AudienceFor the audience icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsAre you not entertained?
Head BangerHead banger icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWhy do you do this to yourself?
Humanity's ShieldHumanity's shield icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsNot one step further.
Just JugglingJust juggling icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsOne, two, three, four…
Potent MixturePotent mixture icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsMaybe the ratios are off?
Power CheckPower check icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsImpossible!
Power LiftPower lift icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsUse your legs, not your back!
Rising DawnRising dawn icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsLight the sky.
Showstopper DanceShowstopper dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsAll eyes are on you.
Stand on CeremonyStand on ceremony icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsWell deserved.
Sweep the AreaSweep the area icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsSwear I saw something…
That's the OneThat's the one icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsYes, totally, absolutely, yeah!
Tiny TankTiny tank icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsSmall machine. Big punch.
Vehement FlockVehement flock icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsDeath by a murder.

Season 12 Emotes

See also: Season 12 Emotes
Buy ByeBuy bye icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsSee you never!
Disc JockeyDisc jockey icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsTurn up the beat!
Excessive Elbow DanceExcessive elbow dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsBoom. Boom. Boom. Boom.
Frigid ContemplationFrigid contemplation icon1.jpgLegendaryEververseChilling thoughts indeed.
Ho Ho HumHo ho hum icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsA lump of coal for you, and a lump of coal for you…
Jubilant DanceJubilant dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsLet the joy flow through you!
Keeping ScoreKeeping score icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsAnother one bites the dust.
Little BirdLittle bird icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWhat secrets did you bring today?
Looking OutLooking out icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWhat's that off in the distance? Tally-ho!
My Poor FriendMy poor friend icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsHow has it come to this?
No WorriesNo worries icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsShake it off.
Persevering DancePersevering dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsNever gonna say goodbye.
Sleek DanceSleek dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsSo smooth.
SnowshoesSnowshoes icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsEquipped for frigid terrain!
Spill the TeaSpill the tea icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsGot dirt on anyone?
Threatening StanceThreatening stance icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsShow them you mean business.
Trailing PyrotechnicsTrailing pyrotechnics icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsGuardians don't look at explosions.
Trap SettingTrap setting icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThey'll come through any minute now…
Turbulent WeatherTurbulent weather icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsA storm front is coming in…
UnchainedUnchained icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsNothing can keep you down. Nothing!
Victory DanceVictory dance icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsNever let go of the game.
Victory PoseVictory pose icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsDon't be shy. You've earned it.

Season 11 Emotes

See also: Season 11 Emotes
A Sour TasteA sour taste icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsNobody likes losing.
By CandlelightBy candlelight icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWho goes there?
Catching RaysCatching rays icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsFor that natural glow.
Commanding PresenceCommanding presence icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsWhether we wanted it or not…
Dawn of InventionDawn of invention icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsA new kind of Guardian is born.
Dubious CorrelationDubious correlation icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThe pattern is here… somewhere.
Eager BeaverEager beaver icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsThis is gonna be good.
Elegant TwirlElegant twirl icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsWhere we stop, nobody knows.
Fencing SaluteFencing salute icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsEn garde!
Fluid DanceFluid dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsGo with the flow.
Ghastly DuranceGhastly durance icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsCursed to haunt this place forever…
Grasping ThoughtsGrasping thoughts icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsFingertips on the surface of my mind!
Leggy DanceLeggy dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsIt's all in the glutes.
Lunar RoarLunar roar icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsEcho through the night.
Miniscule MelodyMiniscule melody icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsCouldn't be more sorry.
Nurturing NatureNurturing nature icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsAll growth starts with but a seed.
Peaceful RestPeaceful rest icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsTake a break from the chaos.
Power RisingPower rising icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsUnleash your true strength.
Pumping UpPumping up icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsFeel the burn.
Rueful WailRueful wail icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsHow could you?!
Sign of ApprovalSign of approval icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsYou're a true artist.
Strange VisitorsStrange visitors icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsDo you want to believe?
Study TimeStudy time icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsVictorious warriors win first and then go to war.
Sweltering HeatSweltering heat icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsIs it just me?
Twisty DanceTwisty dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsStay loose.
Victory ShoutVictory shout icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsNailed it.
Wacky InflationWacky inflation icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsHalf off all Sparrows; come on down today!

Season 10 Emotes

See also: Season 10 Emotes
ANOTHER!Another! icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsKeep them coming.
All Right, Let's GO!All right, let's go! icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsGet a move on, little doggy.
Big Red ButtonBig red button icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsI'll do it! I swear!
Blinding ImageryBlinding imagery icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsMy eyes!
Carry The LoadCarry the load icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsLet's take a trip across the EDZ.
Don ShadesDon shades icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsFuture's so bright…
Feline FancyFeline fancy icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsKeep cat upright for safety.
Hand Cannon VogueHand cannon vogue icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsFinger guns are entry level.
High ScoreHigh score icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsCredit where credit's due.
Hip to the HopHip to the hop icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsDelightful.
Hit the BagHit the bag icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsWarm up that one-two punch!
I Surrender!I surrender! icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsRelax! It was just a prank!
Infinity CubesInfinity cubes icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsIn one of these timelines there must be a solution…
Low ScoreLow score icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsBig oof.
Master ChefMaster chef icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsWelcome to "Cooking with Light: How to Stay Trim and Eat Well."
Masterful FlowMasterful flow icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsSome have called it… "sick."
None Shall PassNone shall pass icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsFly, you fools.
One... Two... Uh...One... two... uh... icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsFour shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out…
RecognizeRecognize icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsIt's all you.
RepresentRepresent icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsRemind them who you are.
Taunt and FlauntTaunt and flaunt icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsToo smooth to lose. Too slick to quit.
Torch LightTorch light icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsTorches: recommended for adventurers and evil castles.

Season 9 Emotes

See also: Season 9 Emotes
Blade WipeBlade wipe icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsDon't get rusty.
Bust a MoveBust a move icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsFor all the B-Guardians.
Card ShuffleCard shuffle icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsWhat's the buy in?
Coin TrickCoin trick icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsHow did you do that?
Dawnblade's AnticipationDawnblade's anticipation icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsPractice makes perfect.
DistractedDistracted icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsI was totally paying attention!
Face PalmFace palm icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsFor those truly cringe-worthy moments.
Flashy MovesFlashy moves icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsTake aim with these slick dance moves.
Get That BreadGet that bread icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsMmm, freshly baked!
Graceful SpinGraceful spin icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engrams10/10
Guardian, Bye!Guardian, bye! icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsHmph!
Keep It CleanKeep it clean icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsCome on people!
Looking GoodLooking good icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsYou. Yeah you. Nice!
Origami CraneOrigami crane icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsMake a wish and let it fly!
Pigeon FeedPigeon feed icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsFor the fine feathered friends.
Playground RidePlayground ride icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsWheeeeee!
Shake It OutShake it out icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsKeep it loose.
Something to SaySomething to say icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsLet the music do the talking.
SpikeSpike icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsCelebrate! You earned it.
Tiny ViolinTiny violin icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsCan you hear it?
Voidwalker's RespiteVoidwalker's respite icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsCalm the woes.

Season 8 Emotes

See also: Season 8 Emotes
Be SneakyBe sneaky icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsWe'll sneak up on them.
Bone BoogieBone boogie icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsThis one's a Festival of the Lost classic!
BooBoo icon1.jpgExoticBright Engrams"Paracausal power? And THIS is what you do with it?" —Asher Mir
CampingCamping icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsRelax. We've got plenty of time.
Clash of SwordsClash of swords icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsExistence is the struggle to exist.
Cross-Step ShuffleCross-step shuffle icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsMoving and grooving!
DingDing icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engrams"Do you really have to keep doing that?" —Commander Zavala
Eat It UpEat it up icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsEnjoy yourself.
Fireteam Fire UpFireteam fire up icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsGoooo team!
Flare GunFlare gun icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsOver here, buddy.
Give DapGive dap icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsDon't leave me hanging.
Guitar SoloGuitar solo icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsSo metal.
Happy FeetHappy feet icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsGive them a low-down beat.
Hearing WhispersHearing whispers icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsShh. It speaks to me.
Make It StopMake it stop icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsOh, come on! Seriously?!
Ninja VanishNinja vanish icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsPoof! ...Oh. What happened?
PartingParting icon1.jpgLegendaryBright EngramsSuch sweet sorrow.
Plant the FlagPlant the flag icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsHere we stand.
Precise StrikePrecise strike icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThat takes skill.
Spring ShowersSpring showers icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsThe sun will come out.
TombstoneTombstone icon1.jpgExoticBright EngramsIt is with the greatest sorrow that I wish to pay my respects.
Too HotToo hot icon1.jpgRareBright EngramsSpicy! So spicy!

All Emotes

ConsumableImageRarityAcquired by
A Funny ThingA funny thing icon1.jpgExotic
A Huge CrushA huge crush icon1.jpgLegendary
A Sour TasteA sour taste icon1.jpgExotic
A Tiny FriendA tiny friend icon1.jpgLegendary
ANOTHER!Another! icon1.jpgExotic
Absorb the EtherAbsorb the ether icon1.jpgExotic
Abstract MeditationAbstract meditation icon1.jpgExotic
Accidental DanceAccidental dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Accursed SunFile:Accursed sun icon1.jpgRare
Action Figure ShowdownAction figure showdown icon1.jpgLegendary
Aggressively AffirmativeAggressively affirmative icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Aim and FireAim and fire icon1.jpgRare
Air QuotesAir quotes icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
All AloneAll alone icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
All DoneAll done icon1.jpgRare
All Mine (Emote)All mine emote icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
All Right, Let's GO!All right, let's go! icon1.jpgRare
Alliterative DanceAlliterative dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Amour DanceAmour dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Angelic WingsAngelic wings icon1.jpgExotic
Anniversary PoseAnniversary pose icon1.jpgExotic
ApplauseApplause icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Arach GreetingArach greeting icon1.jpgLegendary
At Long LastAt long last icon1.jpgRare
At Wits' EndAt wits' end icon1.jpgRare
Awaken the WarmindAwaken the warmind icon1.jpgLegendary
Awkward GreetingAwkward greeting icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
B-Ball HeroB-ball hero icon1.jpgExotic
Bad SceneBad scene icon1.jpgExotic
Bailing WaterBailing water icon1.jpgExotic
Baking CookiesBaking cookies icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Barrel BathBarrel bath icon1.jpgExotic
Be SneakyBe sneaky icon1.jpgRare
Beguiling DanceBeguiling dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Belly LaughBelly laugh icon1.jpgRare
Big Red ButtonBig red button icon1.jpgLegendary
Blade BreakerBlade breaker icon1.jpgExotic
Blade WipeBlade wipe icon1.jpgLegendary
Blinding ImageryBlinding imagery icon1.jpgLegendary
Blowing UpBlowing up icon1.jpgRare
Blowing a KissBlowing a kiss icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Bobbing for ApplesBobbing for apples icon1.jpgExotic
Bone BoogieBone boogie icon1.jpgLegendary
BooBoo icon1.jpgExotic
Boxer's DanceBoxer's dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Brave ExplorerBrave explorer icon1.jpgLegendary
Breathe InBreathe in icon1.jpgExotic
Brilliant IdeaBrilliant idea icon1.jpgLegendary
Bug CatchingBug catching icon1.jpgExotic
Bureaucratic WalkBureaucratic walk icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Bust a MoveBust a move icon1.jpgLegendary
Buster RayFile:Buster ray icon1.jpgExotic
But YouBut you icon1.jpgRare
Buy ByeBuy bye icon1.jpgRare
Buzz OffBuzz off icon1.jpgLegendary
By CandlelightBy candlelight icon1.jpgLegendary
Cabal LoyaltyCabal loyalty icon1.jpgLegendary
Cable SkipperCable skipper icon1.jpgExotic
Call MeCall me icon1.jpgRareIlluminated Engram
Calming DownCalming down icon1.jpgRare
CampingCamping icon1.jpgExotic
Can't Go OnCan't go on icon1.jpgRare
Can-Do AttitudeCan-do attitude icon1.jpgRareIlluminated Engram
Canned RageCanned rage icon1.jpgLegendary
Card ShuffleCard shuffle icon1.jpgExotic
Carry The LoadCarry the load icon1.jpgExotic
Casual SitCasual sit icon1.jpgUncommonAvailable at the start of the game.
Cat Ear DanceCat ear dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Catch of the DayCatch of the day icon1.jpgLegendary
Catching RaysCatching rays icon1.jpgExotic
Cavalry ChargeCavalry charge icon1.jpgLegendary
Celebratory DanceCelebratory dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Cerebral ExplosionCerebral explosion icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Chain YankerChain yanker icon1.jpgRare
Chair PopChair pop icon1.jpgExotic
Championship DanceFile:Championship dance icon1.jpgExotic
Cheeky CelebrationCheeky celebration icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
CheerCheer icon1.jpgUncommonAvailable at the start of the game.
Chef's KissChef's kiss icon1.jpgRare
CherubicCherubic icon1.jpgRare
Chest BumpChest bump icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Chicken DinnerChicken dinner icon1.jpgExotic
Chomping DanceChomping dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Circling SharksCircling sharks icon1.jpgExotic
City DanceCity dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Clash of SwordsClash of swords icon1.jpgExotic
Cloister DanceCloister dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Coach DanceCoach dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Coiffure CorrectionCoiffure correction icon1.jpgLegendary
Coin FlipCoin flip icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Coin TrickCoin trick icon1.jpgLegendary
Collaborative DanceCollaborative dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Come at MeCome at me icon1.jpgRare
Comfort DanceComfort dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Commanding PresenceCommanding presence icon1.jpgExotic
Competitive DanceCompetitive dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
ConductorConductor icon1.jpgLegendary
Confident StrutConfident strut icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
ConfusedConfused icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Consult the ArchivesConsult the archives icon1.jpgExotic
Cool, DudeCool, dude icon1.jpgRareIlluminated Engram
Couch NapCouch nap icon1.jpgLegendary
Countdown (Emote)File:Countdown icon1.jpgRare
Courtyard CelebrationCourtyard celebration icon1.jpgLegendary
CowerCower icon1.jpgUncommonAvailable at the start of the game.
CrabcoreCrabcore icon1.jpgLegendary
Cracking UpCracking up icon1.jpgRare
Cranking DanceCranking dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
CringeCringe icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Cross-Step ShuffleCross-step shuffle icon1.jpgLegendary
CryCry icon1.jpgUncommonAvailable at the start of the game.
Cup of TeaCup of tea icon1.jpgExotic
CurtsyCurtsy icon1.jpgRare
DIY ForgemasterDiy forgemaster icon1.jpgExotic
Dance OffDance off icon1.jpgExotic
DancehallDancehall icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Dancy DanceDancy dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Dandy LionDandy lion icon1.jpgLegendary
DartsFile:Darts icon1.jpgLegendary
Dastardly StacheDastardly stache icon1.jpgLegendary
Dawn of InventionDawn of invention icon1.jpgExotic
Dawnblade's AnticipationDawnblade's anticipation icon1.jpgLegendary
Decadent CocoaDecadent cocoa icon1.jpgLegendary
Denial DanceDenial dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Destructive WizardDestructive wizard icon1.jpgExotic
DingDing icon1.jpgLegendaryEververse
Directed PleaDirected plea icon1.jpgRare
Disallowed BannerDisallowed banner icon1.jpgLegendary
Disc JockeyDisc jockey icon1.jpgExotic
Disciple's JudgmentDisciple's judgment icon1.jpgExotic
Disco DanceDisco dance icon1.jpgLegendaryIlluminated Engram
Disorienting TeleportDisorienting teleport icon1.jpgExotic
DistractedDistracted icon1.jpgLegendary
Do Not WantDo not want icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Don ShadesDon shades icon1.jpgLegendary
Don The HatDon the hat icon1.jpgRareBright Engrams
Don the HatDon the hat icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Double Hands DanceDouble hands dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Down Under DanceDown under dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Downhill SkiingDownhill skiing icon1.jpgExotic
Dragon SummonDragon summon icon1.jpgExotic
Dramatic CountdownDramatic countdown icon1.jpgRare
Drat and BlastDrat and blast icon1.jpgLegendary
Dressing FancyDressing fancy icon1.jpgLegendary
Drone FlightDrone flight icon1.jpgExotic
Dropped CallDropped call icon1.jpgLegendary
DrumrollDrumroll icon1.jpgExotic
Dubious CorrelationDubious correlation icon1.jpgExotic
DuelDuel icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Dust OffDust off icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Eager BeaverEager beaver icon1.jpgRare
Eat It UpEat it up icon1.jpgRare
Eerie HandsEerie hands icon1.jpgRare
Elegant TwirlElegant twirl icon1.jpgLegendary
Eliksni HatchlingEliksni hatchling icon1.jpgExotic
EmbarrassedEmbarrassed icon1.jpgRare
Energetic ExplanationEnergetic explanation icon1.jpgRare
Excessive Elbow DanceExcessive elbow dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Excited DanceExcited dance icon1.jpgLegendaryDawning Engram
Excited ElfExcited elf icon1.jpgRare
Experimental MishapExperimental mishap icon1.jpgExotic
Explosive DanceExplosive dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Face PalmFace palm icon1.jpgRare
Faithful PledgeFaithful pledge icon1.jpgLegendary
Falling FlurriesFalling flurries icon1.jpgLegendary
Fancy Hat RollFancy hat roll icon1.jpgLegendary
Feast of FeelingsFeast of feelings icon1.jpgExotic
Feline FancyFeline fancy icon1.jpgExotic
Fencing SaluteFencing salute icon1.jpgLegendary
Festival DanceFestival dance icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Festive SparksFestive sparks icon1.jpgExotic
Fiddler's DanceFiddler's dance icon1.jpgExotic
Finger HeartFinger heart icon1.jpgRare
Fireteam Fire UpFireteam fire up icon1.jpgExotic
FireworksFireworks icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
FishingFishing icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Fist BumpFist bump icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Fist PumpFist pump icon1.jpgRare
Flag on the PlayFlag on the play icon1.jpgExotic
Flailing DanceFlailing dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Flamenco DanceFlamenco dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Flaming Hula HoopFlaming hula hoop icon1.jpgExotic
Flare GunFlare gun icon1.jpgLegendary
Flashy MovesFlashy moves icon1.jpgLegendary
Flaunting DanceFlaunting dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Flick DanceFlick dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Flick of the WristFlick of the wrist icon1.jpgLegendary
Flight DanceFlight dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Flip OutFlip out icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Flip and FlexFlip and flex icon1.jpgLegendary
Floating DanceFloating dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Floss DanceFloss dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Flowing DanceFlowing dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Fluid DanceFluid dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Fly DanceFly dance icon1.jpgLegendary
For the AudienceFor the audience icon1.jpgLegendary
Force Squad DisplayForce squad display icon1.jpgRare
Force Squad PoseForce squad pose icon1.jpgRare
Force Squad StanceForce squad stance icon1.jpgRare
Forlorn PhotographForlorn photograph icon1.jpgLegendary
Freaky DanceFreaky dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Free ThrowFile:Free throw icon1.jpgRare
Fresh BaguetteFresh baguette icon1.jpgLegendary
Frigid ContemplationFrigid contemplation icon1.jpgLegendary
Funky DanceFunky dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
GadgeteerGadgeteer icon1.jpgExotic
GallopGallop icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Gardening GuardianGardening guardian icon1.jpgExotic
Get OutGet out icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Get That BreadGet that bread icon1.jpgExotic
Get UpGet up icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Getting ShadeFile:Getting shade icon1.jpgLegendary
Ghastly DuranceGhastly durance icon1.jpgExotic
Ghost Fist BumpGhost fist bump icon1.jpgExotic
Giddy LaughGiddy laugh icon1.jpgRare
Give DapGive dap icon1.jpgLegendary
GivingGiving icon1.jpgExoticDawning Engram
Glaive MistakeGlaive mistake icon1.jpgExotic
Glide DanceGlide dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Glimmering GunslingerGlimmering gunslinger icon1.jpgExotic
Glow Stick DanceGlow stick dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Gong ShowGong show icon1.jpgExotic
Good ComputingGood computing icon1.jpgExotic
Good DoggoGood doggo icon1.jpgExotic
Good IdeaGood idea icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Gourd SummonerFile:Gourd summoner icon1.jpgExotic
Graceful DanceGraceful dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Graceful SpinGraceful spin icon1.jpgLegendary
Grasping ThoughtsGrasping thoughts icon1.jpgExotic
Great Stuff DanceGreat stuff dance icon1.jpgLegendary
GroovingGrooving icon1.jpgLegendary
Grooving DanceGrooving dance icon1.jpgLegendaryIlluminated Engram
Guardian PrideFile:Guardian pride icon1.jpgLegendary
Guardian, Bye!Guardian, bye! icon1.jpgRare
Guarding GlaiveGuarding glaive icon1.jpgLegendary
Guitar SoloGuitar solo icon1.jpgExotic
Hacker TimeHacker time icon1.jpgExotic
Hail the MonarchHail the monarch icon1.jpgLegendary
Hand Cannon VogueHand cannon vogue icon1.jpgRare
Hang TenFile:Hang ten icon1.jpgLegendary
Happy FeetHappy feet icon1.jpgLegendary
Happy SmilesHappy smiles icon1.jpgRare
Happy StarsHappy stars icon1.jpgRare
Hat WobbleHat wobble icon1.jpgLegendary
Hatchling HuddleHatchling huddle icon1.jpgExotic
Head BangerHead banger icon1.jpgLegendary
Head SlamHead slam icon1.jpgExotic
Hearing WhispersHearing whispers icon1.jpgExotic
Heart SignHeart sign icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Herald DanceHerald dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Here I AmHere i am icon1.jpgRare
Heroic GuitaristHeroic guitarist icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
High FiveHigh five icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
High ScoreHigh score icon1.jpgLegendary
High Seas DanceHigh seas dance icon1.jpgExotic
Hip to the HopHip to the hop icon1.jpgLegendary
Hit the BagHit the bag icon1.jpgExotic
Ho Ho HumHo ho hum icon1.jpgLegendary
Hold OnHold on icon1.jpgLegendary
Hold That PoseHold that pose icon1.jpgLegendary
Home RunHome run icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Honest DanceHonest dance icon1.jpgLegendaryDawning Engram
Hot Dog Eating ChampHot dog eating champ icon1.jpgExotic
HoverboardHoverboard icon1.jpgLegendary
Huddle UpHuddle up icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Humanity's ShieldHumanity's shield icon1.jpgLegendary
HumbugHumbug icon1.jpgRareIlluminated Engram
Hunter SitHunter sit icon1.jpgUncommonAvailable at the start of the game.
Hunter WaveHunter wave icon1.jpgUncommonAvailable at the start of the game.
Hyped DanceHyped dance icon1.jpgLegendary
I Like ThatI like that icon1.jpgLegendary
I Surrender!I surrender! icon1.jpgLegendary
I'm OpenIm open icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Ice CarvingIce carving icon1.jpgExotic
IcecapadeIcecapade icon1.jpgRareDawning Engram
ImpatienceImpatience icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Imprecise SnackFile:Imprecise snack icon1.jpgLegendary
Incor-purr-ial CatIncor-purr-ial cat icon1.jpgExotic
Infinity CubesInfinity cubes icon1.jpgLegendary
Investigative DanceInvestigative dance icon1.jpgLegendary
It Was YouFile:It was you icon1.jpgRare
It's OverIt's over icon1.jpgRare
It's ShowtimeFile:It's showtime icon1.jpgRare
Joke BangJoke bang icon1.jpgLegendary
Joyful BurstJoyful burst icon1.jpgExotic
Jubilant DanceJubilant dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Jubilant DecreeJubilant decree icon1.jpgLegendary
JumpmasterJumpmaster icon1.jpgExotic
Just JugglingJust juggling icon1.jpgExotic
Keep It CleanKeep it clean icon1.jpgExotic
Keeping ScoreKeeping score icon1.jpgLegendary
Keeping TimeKeeping time icon1.jpgLegendary
Knitting ProjectKnitting project icon1.jpgLegendary
Lagomorpha LunariaLagomorpha lunaria icon1.jpgExotic
LaughLaugh icon1.jpgUncommonAvailable at the start of the game.
Leggy DanceLeggy dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Let Me InvestigateLet me investigate icon1.jpgExotic
Let's ChatLets chat icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Liberated FishFile:Liberated fish icon1.jpgExotic
Linear Fusion DanceLinear fusion dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Lion TamerLion tamer icon1.jpgExotic
Little BirdLittle bird icon1.jpgLegendary
Live Disco DanceLive disco dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Looking GoodLooking good icon1.jpgRare
Looking OutLooking out icon1.jpgLegendary
Lovely LookFile:Lovely look icon1.jpgLegendary
Low ScoreLow score icon1.jpgLegendary
Loyal CompanionLoyal companion icon1.jpgExotic
Lucky ShotLucky shot icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Luminous VigilLuminous vigil icon1.jpgLegendary
Lunar RoarLunar roar icon1.jpgExotic
Luxurious ToastLuxurious toast icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Magic LampMagic lamp icon1.jpgExotic
Magic WandMagic wand icon1.jpgLegendary
Magnetic AttitudeMagnetic attitude icon1.jpgLegendary
Magnificent DanceMagnificent dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Make It StopMake it stop icon1.jpgRare
Mandolin-sistenceMandolin-sistence icon1.jpgLegendary
Master ChefMaster chef icon1.jpgExotic
Masterful FlowMasterful flow icon1.jpgLegendary
Maximal MalhariMaximal malhari icon1.jpgLegendary
Meditative MomentMeditative moment icon1.jpgLegendary
Mental ManifestationMental manifestation icon1.jpgLegendary
Mental MathMental math icon1.jpgLegendary
Mic DropMic drop icon1.jpgExoticIlluminated Engram
Mic Drop (Temporal)Mic drop (temporal) icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Mime TimeMime time icon1.jpgRare
Miniscule MelodyMiniscule melody icon1.jpgRare
Mirror MirrorMirror mirror icon1.jpgExotic
Mote JuggleMote juggle icon1.jpgExotic
My 10-Gallon HatMy 10-gallon hat icon1.jpgLegendary
My Poor FriendMy poor friend icon1.jpgLegendary
Natural 20Natural 20 icon1.jpgExotic
Necromance DanceFile:Necromance dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Newish DanceNewish dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Ninja VanishNinja vanish icon1.jpgExotic
No EscapeFile:No escape icon1.jpgLegendary
No FairNo fair icon1.jpgLegendary
No SignalNo signal icon1.jpgLegendary
No WorriesNo worries icon1.jpgRare
None Shall PassNone shall pass icon1.jpgExotic
NopeNope icon1.jpgUncommonAvailable at the start of the game.
Nothing Is WrongNothing is wrong icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Nothing to See HereNothing to see here icon1.jpgExotic
Nurturing NatureNurturing nature icon1.jpgExotic
Odd DanceOdd dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Odder DanceOdder dance icon1.jpgLegendaryIlluminated Engram
Oh SnapOh snap icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Oh YouOh you icon1.jpgRare
Oh, HelloOh, hello icon1.jpgRare
Olfactory GestureOlfactory gesture icon1.jpgRare
One... Two... Uh...One... two... uh... icon1.jpgRare
Opulent ClapOpulent clap icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Origami CraneOrigami crane icon1.jpgExotic
Overnight DanceOvernight dance icon1.jpgLegendaryIlluminated Engram
Painfully Slow ClapPainfully slow clap icon1.jpgRare
Paper WindmillPaper windmill icon1.jpgLegendary
PaperworkPaperwork icon1.jpgExotic
PartingParting icon1.jpgLegendary
Peace by the WaterPeace by the water icon1.jpgExotic
Peaceful RestPeaceful rest icon1.jpgLegendary
Perfect SwingPerfect swing icon1.jpgExotic
Persevering DancePersevering dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Petra's Party TrickPetra's party trick icon1.jpgLegendary
Pigeon FeedPigeon feed icon1.jpgExotic
Pirate TreasurePirate treasure icon1.jpgExotic
Plant the FlagPlant the flag icon1.jpgExotic
Play DeadPlay dead icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Playground RidePlayground ride icon1.jpgExotic
PleasePlease icon1.jpgUncommonAvailable at the start of the game.
PointPoint icon1.jpgUncommonAvailable at the start of the game.
Polar DancePolar dance icon1.jpgLegendary
PopcornPopcorn icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Popping DancePopping dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Potent MixturePotent mixture icon1.jpgExotic
Potential DancePotential dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Poultry PettingPoultry petting icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Power CheckPower check icon1.jpgLegendary
Power LiftPower lift icon1.jpgLegendary
Power RisingPower rising icon1.jpgExotic
Power Stance DancePower stance dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Prankster DancePrankster dance icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Precise StrikePrecise strike icon1.jpgExotic
Protecting TeammatesProtecting teammates icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Pumped-Up DancePumped-up dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Pumping UpPumping up icon1.jpgLegendary
Pumpkin CarvingFile:Pumpkin carving icon1.jpgExotic
Pumpkin DanceFile:Pumpkin dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Pyrrhic VictoryPyrrhic victory icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Quick CardioQuick cardio icon1.jpgLegendary
Rag DollRag doll icon1.jpgRare
Rainbow ConnectionRainbow connection icon1.jpgExotic
Raise the RoofRaise the roof icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Read the MapRead the map icon1.jpgExotic
Ready for AnythingReady for anything icon1.jpgLegendary
RecognizeRecognize icon1.jpgRare
Red CardRed card icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Red Light, Green LightRed light, green light icon1.jpgExotic
Reflecting GlassReflecting glass icon1.jpgLegendary
Reigning ChampionFile:Reigning champion icon1.jpgExotic
ReloadReload icon1.jpgRare
RepresentRepresent icon1.jpgExotic
Rev It UpRev it up icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Ricochet DanceRicochet dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Right This WayRight this way icon1.jpgRare
RighteousFile:Righteous icon1.jpgRare
Rim ShotRim shot icon1.jpgExotic
Ripe SniffRipe sniff icon1.jpgRare
Rising DawnRising dawn icon1.jpgExotic
Robot DanceRobot dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Rock OutRock out icon1.jpgExotic
Rocket StompRocket stomp icon1.jpgExotic
Roller DanceRoller dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Rolling RulebookRolling rulebook icon1.jpgLegendary
Royal AlignmentRoyal alignment icon1.jpgExotic
Rueful WailRueful wail icon1.jpgRare
Runic SketchingRunic sketching icon1.jpgLegendary
S'moresSmores icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
S-M-R-T DanceS-m-r-t dance icon1.jpgExotic
Sabrage SaluteSabrage salute icon1.jpgExotic
Sad TromboneSad trombone icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
SadnessSadness icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
SaltySalty icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
SaluteSalute icon1.jpgLegendaryPre-order Destiny 2. Available at the start of the game.
Salute of the LordsSalute of the lords icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Samba DanceSamba dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Sand in the EyesSand in the eyes icon1.jpgLegendary
Sassy Hair FlipSassy hair flip icon1.jpgRare
Sassy TauntSassy taunt icon1.jpgLegendary
Scary FeetScary feet icon1.jpgLegendary
Scene ClapperScene clapper icon1.jpgLegendary
Secret HandshakeSecret handshake icon1.jpgLegendaryRefer-A-Friend
SelfieSelfie icon1.jpgExoticIlluminated Engram
Shadow DanceShadow dance icon1.jpgLegendaryIncluded with Destiny 2 Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition or Collector's Edition.
ShadowboxingShadowboxing icon1.jpgRare
Shake DanceShake dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Shake It OutShake it out icon1.jpgLegendary
Shhhh!Shhhh! icon1.jpgExotic
ShiverShiver icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Shoulder DanceShoulder dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Shower of WealthShower of wealth icon1.jpgExotic
Showstopper DanceShowstopper dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Shuffle DanceShuffle dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
SickSick icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Sign of ApprovalSign of approval icon1.jpgRare
Sign of the FutureSign of the future icon1.jpgLegendary
Silly SaluteSilly salute icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Simon SaysSimon says icon1.jpgExotic
Siren CallSiren call icon1.jpgLegendary
Six ShooterSix shooter icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Ska DanceSka dance icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
SkateboardingSkateboarding icon1.jpgLegendary
Skeletal DanceFile:Skeletal dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Ski WalkSki walk icon1.jpgLegendary
Sleek DanceSleek dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Slippery PatchSlippery patch icon1.jpgLegendary
Slow ClapSlow clap icon1.jpgUncommonAvailable at the start of the game.
Smooth DanceSmooth dance icon1.jpgLegendary
SneakySneaky icon1.jpgRareBright Engram
Sneaky ThiefSneaky thief icon1.jpgExotic
Snow BunnySnow bunny icon1.jpgLegendary
Snowball FightSnowball fight icon1.jpgExotic
Snowboard TricksSnowboard tricks icon1.jpgExotic
SnowshoesSnowshoes icon1.jpgLegendary
Solar ReverenceFile:Solar reverence icon1.jpgRare
Solo Fist BumpSolo fist bump icon1.jpgLegendary
Something to SaySomething to say icon1.jpgLegendary
Sophisticated SpySophisticated spy icon1.jpgLegendary
Sparrow GetawaySparrow getaway icon1.jpgExotic
Spell of AbolitionSpell of abolition icon1.jpgLegendary
Spherical RuminationsSpherical ruminations icon1.jpgExotic
Spicy RamenSpicy ramen icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
SpikeSpike icon1.jpgExotic
Spill the TeaSpill the tea icon1.jpgExotic
Spinning JuggleSpinning juggle icon1.jpgExotic
Splish SplashSplish splash emblem icon1.jpgExotic
Spray and PraySpray and pray icon1.jpgExotic
Spring ShowersSpring showers icon1.jpgExotic
Spy GogglesSpy goggles icon1.jpgLegendary
Square DanceSquare dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Stand on CeremonyStand on ceremony icon1.jpgExotic
StandoffStandoff icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Standout PoseStandout pose icon1.jpgRare
Stargazer (Emote)Stargazer icon1.jpgLegendary
Steepled StareSteepled stare icon1.jpgLegendary
Stow the RingsStow the rings icon1.jpgLegendary
Strange VisitorsStrange visitors icon1.jpgLegendary
Stress BallStress ball icon1.jpgExotic
Struggle SkateStruggle skate icon1.jpgLegendary
Study TimeStudy time icon1.jpgLegendary
Stylish SitStylish sit icon1.jpgLegendary
Summoning CircleSummoning circle icon1.jpgExotic
Summoning DanceSummoning dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Swab the DeckSwab the deck icon1.jpgExotic
Swagger MarchSwagger march icon1.jpgRare
Sweep the AreaSweep the area icon1.jpgLegendary
SweepingSweeping icon1.jpgExoticIlluminated Engram
Sweeping (Temporal)Sweeping (temporal) icon1.jpgExoticBright Engram
Sweetheart DanceSweetheart dance icon1.jpgExotic
Sweltering HeatSweltering heat icon1.jpgLegendary
... further results

Multiplayer Emotes

ConsumableImageRarityAcquired by
Adding FlavorAdding flavor icon1.jpgExotic
Air RiffAir riff icon1.jpgLegendary
Arcade GamesArcade games icon1.jpgExotic
Awkward FiveAwkward five icon1.jpgLegendary
Birthday CakeBirthday cake icon1.jpgExotic
Boosted BackflipBoosted backflip icon1.jpgExotic
Building CastlesFile:Building castles icon1.jpgExotic
Celebrated and ElevatedFile:Celebrated and elevated icon1.jpgLegendary
Chest BumpChest bump icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Conga LineConga line icon1.jpgLegendary
CowbellCowbell icon1.jpgExotic
Cozy CampfireCozy campfire icon1.jpgExotic
Curling ShuffleFile:Curling shuffle icon1.jpgExotic
DiscouragedDiscouraged icon1.jpgLegendary
Double DutchFile:Double dutch icon1.jpgExotic
Fancy FootworkFancy footwork icon1.jpgLegendary
Fireteam Fire UpFireteam fire up icon1.jpgExotic
First GigFirst gig icon1.jpgExotic
Fist BumpFist bump icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Freeze TagFreeze tag icon1.jpgExotic
Friendly Feet DanceFriendly feet dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Frosty FriendFrosty friend icon1.jpgExotic
Future Hi-5Future hi-5 icon1.jpgLegendary
Galloping KnightGalloping knight icon1.jpgExotic
Give DapGive dap icon1.jpgLegendary
Give Me a "G"Give me a "g" icon1.jpgExotic
Gladiator BlowsFile:Gladiator blows icon1.jpgExotic
Hacky Sack PackHacky sack pack icon1.jpgExotic
Heads-Up BuddiesHeads-up buddies icon1.jpgExotic
Heartfelt UnionHeartfelt union icon1.jpgLegendary
Helium HeartsHelium hearts icon1.jpgExotic
Hi-5 HeartHi-5 heart icon1.jpgExotic
High FiveHigh five icon1.jpgLegendaryBright Engram
Hip BumpHip bump icon1.jpgLegendary
Hold MeFile:Hold me icon1.jpgLegendary
Hot GossipHot gossip icon1.jpgLegendary
Intimidating SnapIntimidating snap icon1.jpgLegendary
Jaunty DanceJaunty dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Kiddie PoolKiddie pool icon1.jpgExotic
Knighting CeremonyKnighting ceremony icon1.jpgExotic
Let Me Tell YaLet me tell ya icon1.jpgLegendary
Link UpLink up icon1.jpgLegendary
Mystical ReadingMystical reading icon1.jpgExotic
Participation TrophyParticipation trophy icon1.jpgExotic
Patty CakePatty cake icon1.jpgLegendary
Pick a CardPick a card icon1.jpgExotic
Playing AirplanePlaying airplane icon1.jpgExotic
Power NapFile:Power nap icon1.jpgLegendary
Quick HugQuick hug icon1.jpgLegendary
Respectful HandshakeRespectful handshake icon1.jpgLegendary
Risky ArcheryRisky archery icon1.jpgExotic
RochambeauRochambeau icon1.jpgExotic
Roller CoasterRoller coaster icon1.jpgExotic
Row Your BoatRow your boat icon1.jpgExotic
Royal Groove DanceRoyal groove dance icon1.jpgExotic
Second LineSecond line icon1.jpgExotic
Secret HandshakeSecret handshake icon1.jpgLegendaryRefer-A-Friend
Shaky SkatingShaky skating icon1.jpgExotic
Shoulder HugShoulder hug icon1.jpgLegendary
Silly HandshakeSilly handshake icon1.jpgLegendary
Slap FightSlap fight icon1.jpgLegendary
Slow JamSlow jam icon1.jpgLegendary
Static ShockStatic shock icon1.jpgLegendary
Stick BattleStick battle icon1.jpgExotic
Strange BrewFile:Strange brew icon1.jpgExotic
Straw Dog StandoffStraw dog standoff icon1.jpgLegendary
Stylish Fist BumpStylish fist bump icon1.jpgLegendary
Take a SeatTake a seat icon1.jpgExotic
The Seat of PowerThe seat of power icon1.jpgExotic
Torturous DanceTorturous dance icon1.jpgLegendary
Unyielding MarchUnyielding march icon1.jpgLegendary
Up High, Down LowUp high, down low icon1.jpgLegendary
Whisper Sweet NothingsWhisper sweet nothings icon1.jpgLegendary