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Bright Engram is a type of Engram you will receive once you reach max level. Similar to Mote of Light in D1, you will be able to receive a Bright Engram every five levels beyond the level cap.

Each season has its own type of Bright Engram with unique rewards. This page mainly discusses the Season 1 Bright Engram, called Bright Engram; however, the methods available for obtaining and decoding Bright Engrams are the same for all types.

Types of Bright Engrams


Live Events

How to Obtain

  • Reaching max level (20 for base game, 25 for Curse of Osiris, 30 for Warmind, and 50 for Forsaken) will reward you with an initial 3 season-appropriate Bright Engrams and 1 for every level up after
  • Fill up XP meter at level cap.
  • Purchase silver. (Requires micro-transaction)

Used For

Bright Engrams can be decoded by Tess Everis and will contain cosmetic items such as shaders, ornaments, emotes, ships, and sparrows.