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Bright Engram is a type of Engram you will receive once you reach max level. Similar to Mote of Light in D1, you will be able to receive a Bright Engram every time you level up beyond the level cap.

Each season has its own type of Bright Engram with unique rewards. This page mainly discusses the Season 1 Bright Engram, called Bright Engram; however, the methods available for obtaining and decoding Bright Engrams are the same for all types.

Types of Bright Engrams

How to Obtain

  • Reaching max level (20 for base game, 25 for Curse of Osiris, 30 for Warmind, and 50 for Forsaken) will reward you with an initial 3 season-appropriate Bright Engrams and 1 for every level up after
  • Fill up EXP meter at level cap.
  • Purchase silver. (Requires micro-transaction)

Used For

Bright Engrams can be decoded by Tess Everis and will contain cosmetic items such as shaders, ornaments, emotes, ships, and sparrows. Any piece of armor that the player obtains from a Bright Engram will drop with a defense value of 10.


Warlock Armor

Hunter Armor

Titan Armor

Weapon Ornaments

Ghost Shells






Weapon and Armor Mods

Transmat Effects

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