Tess Everis

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Tess Everis
Tess Everis.PNG
Name Tess Eeris
Title Eververse
Race Awoken
Gender Female
Location The Farm, The Tower
Description Tess Everis is an accomplished broker of stylish and highly coveted items procured from the City and beyond.

Tess Everis is an NPC and Vendor, located in both The Farm and The Tower and will be the character you’re going to be seeing a lot of if you’re dealing with microtransactions and the currency that is linked to it, Silver. A lot of different items can be purchased from Tess Everis, many of which aren’t available in any other venue than this one.


Tess Everis can be found in two different areas in the game, but one of them is unavailable until the completion of the game:

  • The Farm – Near the center of the Farm you will be able to find Tess Everis, without having to complete the game already.
  • The Tower – Within the courtyard of the Tower is where you’ll be able to find where Tess Everis is situated after you beat the game for the first time.


Tess Everis offers a lot of premium and high-priced items that are quite typically cosmetic, but from there you can also purchase Bright Engrams, Sparrows, Emotes, and many more items as well. Other than this, Tess Everis will accept Bright Dust to be transferred into Bright Engrams, providing you have the right amount to do so.

Some of the items that can be purchased with the Silver currency from Tess Everis are as follows:

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