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Silver icon
Rare Reef coins struck during the height of the Golden Age. Of great value to certain collectors.

Silver is an Eververse currency in Destiny 2.

Unlike Bright dust1.png Bright Dust, which can be obtained through gameplay, Silver can be obtained only by paying for it with actual money.


Silver can be purchased through Destiny 2's store page on its respective platform. It is sold in packs with different quantities of Silver.

The following options for purchasing Silver are available on Steam, as of the Season of the Witch. Prices below are listed in U.S. Dollars, and may vary depending on country or region.

  • 500 Silver — US$4.99;
  • 1000 Silver (+100 Bonus) — US$9.99;
  • 1500 Silver (+200 Bonus) — US$14.99;
  • 2000 Silver (+300 Bonus) — US$19.99;
  • 3000 Silver (+500 Bonus) — US$29.99;
  • 5000 Silver (+1000 Bonus) — US$49.99;
  • 10000 Silver (+2000 Bonus) — US$99.99.


Silver can be used to buy cosmetic items and item bundles from the Eververse store. Bundle price is reduced for each item the player already owns.

The Season Pass can be purchased in-game through Eververse for 1,200 Silver, granting access to the current season's paid content, including seasonal activities and rank rewards. The Season Pass + 10 Ranks Bundle (which includes 10 seasonal ranks) costs 2,200 Silver.[1] The Deluxe/Annual Pass Edition of the most recent expansion usually includes all four of that year's Season Passes. Purchasing the most recent expansion may also include the Season Pass for the current season. The current year's seasonal content will remain in the game until the release of the next expansion.

Some DLC items that grant access to in-game content can only be purchased with Silver through Eververse. This includes The Witch Queen Dungeon Key and the Lightfall Dungeon Key. Each Dungeon Key costs 2,000 Silver and includes access to two dungeons.[2] The most recent Dungeon Key is usually included with the Deluxe/Annual Pass Edition of the most recent expansion.

During holiday Live Events, Event Challenges and rewards are displayed in the Event Card menu. These events include Guardian Games in the spring, Solstice in the summer, Festival of the Lost in the fall, and the Dawning in the winter. While most of an event's content is free for everyone, the player can also upgrade their Event Card for 1,000 Silver. This will immediately unlock a bundle of cosmetics exclusive to the event. Additional exclusive cosmetics can be purchased from the upgraded Event Card using Event Ticket Solstice icon.png Event Tickets, which are rewarded for completing Event Challenges. The Event Card is only available while the event is active, with Tickets expiring after the event ends.[2]


These tables list the prices of various types of items that can be purchased with Silver.


Item Type Price
Season Pass + 10 Ranks Bundle 2200[1]
Dungeon Key (e.g. The Witch Queen Dungeon Key) 2000[2]
Season Pass 1200[1]
10-Rank Bundle for Current Season 1000
Event Card Upgrade 1000[2]

Cosmetic Items

If the player already owns some of the items within a package, then the price will be reduced based on the number of items they already own.

Cosmetic items/bundles from third-party collaborations (e.g. Assassin's Creed, Fortnite, PlayStation) are usually more expensive than normal.

Item Type Rarity Price
Armor Ornament Set Package (collab) Legendary 2000
Armor Ornament Set Package (non-collab) Legendary 1500
Multiplayer Emote Exotic 1200
Emote Exotic 1000
Ship (collab) Exotic 1000
Sparrow (collab) Exotic 1000
Finisher (collab) Legendary 1000
Ghost Shell (collab) Exotic 800
Ship (non-collab) Exotic 800
Sparrow (non-collab) Exotic 800
Finisher (non-collab) Legendary 800
Multiplayer Emote Legendary 800
Weapon Ornament Exotic 700
Armor Ornament Exotic 600
Ghost Shell (non-collab) Exotic 600
Exotic-paired Armor Ornament
(e.g. Mark of the falling star icon1.jpg Mark of the Falling Star)
Legendary 600
Emote Legendary 500
Ghost Shell Legendary 400
Ship Legendary 400
Sparrow Legendary 400
Mask Ornament
(Festival of the Lost only)
Legendary 300
Ghost Projection Legendary 200
Transmat Effect Legendary 200
Emote Rare 200
Ghost Projection Rare 100


Item Type Price
5 Synthweave Templates Package 1000
Synthweave Template icon.jpg Synthweave Template 300


Patch History

  • 7.1.0[3]
      • Standalone Season Pass price increased from 1,000 Silver to 1,200 Silver.
      • Season Pass + 10 Ranks Bundle price increased from 2,000 Silver to 2,200 Silver.[1]


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