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Live Event is a time-limited activity that temporarily introduces a new activity or mechanic with a certain theme.


Iron Banner

Iron Banner is a PvP event that begins on every first Tuesday of a month and lasts a week.

When this event is active, the players gain access to a special mode in the Crucible, which is a variation of the Control mode with additional rules and power level advantages.

Lord Saladin arrives to the Tower when the event is active to offer quests and bounties to the players, and hand out Iron Engrams in exchange for Iron Banner Tokens. The player has to complete the current Season's Iron Banner quest to be able to accept the Engram, even though the quest is not required to turn in tokens.

The Dawning

The Dawning is a winter event that corresponds with Christmas and New Year's Day.

During this event, the players receive Eva's Holiday Oven which they can use to bake cookies with ingredients found by defeating enemies. Cookies can be turned in to various vendors to receive gear and experience.

Eva Levante returns to the Tower to offer the Dawning quests and bounties to the players.

Crimson Days

Crimson Days is a winter event that corresponds with the Valentine's Day.

During this event the players gain access to a special mode in the Crucible where they fight in couples against each other. Players in a couple recharge abilities faster if they stay close, and can be tracked down by opponents if they stay too far apart.

Lord Shaxx offers Crimson Days bounties and sells cosmetic items and The Vow Combat Bow for Confectionery Hearts, which can be earned by completing the event bounties and playing the Crimson Days mode in the Crucible.

Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris is a 3v3 special PvP mode that is only available for a limited time each week from the start of reset on Friday to the weekly reset of Tuesday. It takes place on a different map each week. There is no matchmaking for Trials of Osiris, so players must assemble a fireteam of 3 Guardians in advance if they want to compete.

The Revelry


Solstice, previously known as Solstice of Heroes, is a summer event that takes place around late-July to August.

During this event, players gain access to the special mission, European Aerial Zone. In this mission, players will have to find a defeat several bosses marked throughout the map. Afterwards, they fight one or two more final bosses before they will have to find several hidden chests found throughout the map. During Solstice of Heroes, plays also receive piece of event-specific armor that they upgrade through completion of objectives listed on the armor. The upgrades go in this order: Renewed, Majestic, and Magnificent. Once acquiring the Majestic set, players are given the choice to purchase a set of Magnificent Glow ornaments in Eververse with Silver or Bright Dust. These ornaments will appear to glow with the color of the equipped elemental subclasses: Solar, Arc, Void, and later Stasis.

Festival of the Lost

Festival of the Lost is an autmun event that corresponds with Halloween.

During this event, players gain access to a special themed dunegon crawler activity taking place in the infinite forest. Players fight through hoards of enemies and bosses to clear as many 'branches' of the forest as they can before a timer reaches 0. Killing enemies and bosses will add additional time to the timer. Killing enemies within the special activity, completing the special activity, and killing enemies throughout the world while wearing a special event mask will award the player pieces of 'candy'. Candy can be turned in to Eva Levante to purchase special items and loot.

Eva Levante returns to the Tower to offer Festival of the Lost quests and bounties to the players.

Faction Rally

Faction Rally was a week-long event that was available in Destiny 2 year 1.

The players could pledge to one of the three factions (New Monarchy, Dead Orbit or Future War Cult), earn faction tokens through various in-game activities, and turn them in to their faction to earn an Engram. The faction that handed out the most Engrams was declared a winner and sold a unique weapon to all of the players. Those pledged to the winning faction received a discount.

Clarion Call

Clarion Call was a one-time event available during Season 1. It lasted for a weekend and doubled all experience gains for players in a fireteam with their clanmates.