Lord Saladin

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Lord Saladin
Lord saladin banner small.png
Name Lord Saladin
Title Iron Banner
Faction Iron Banner
Race Human
Gender Male
Location The Tower
Description Lord Saladin, the last surviving Iron Lord, oversees the Iron Banner event: trial by combat where only the strongest survive.


Lord Saladin is an NPC and Vendor for Destiny 2 who can be found in The Tower when Iron Banner is active. He will provide the player with Iron Engrams in exchange for Iron Banner Tokens.


  • The Tower – Located on the upper level of the Central Courtyard above the gunsmith.


  • See the Iron Banner article for details about increasing standing with Lord Saladin as well as the rewards for doing so.

Armor Ornaments (Season 2)

If the current character has fulfilled the conditions for any of the five Iron Pledge Armor Ornaments which can be unlocked using their current Class (out of 15 total), additional copies can be obtained from Lord Saladin at no cost.

Unlocked with Titan:

Unlocked with Hunter:

Unlocked with Warlock:

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