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Powerful Gear refers to weapon and armor rewards that will increase a character's Power level up to the Powerful Cap.


After reaching the Soft Cap, only Powerful Gear or Pinnacle Gear can increase a character's Power. When a character has reached the Powerful Cap, Powerful rewards will drop at the character's current highest-equippable Power level. Pinnacle rewards are the only way to increase a character's Power level past the Powerful Cap.[1]

Prime Engram icon.png Prime Engrams, which can randomly drop at any time, reward Powerful Gear when decrypted at Master Rahool.

Certain weekly challenges will reward Powerful Gear, indicated on the tooltip displayed when hovering over their respective activity or vendor in the Director. These rewards will sometimes specify a Tier, ranging from "Powerful Gear (Tier 1)" to "Powerful Gear (Tier 3)". Until the player reaches the Powerful Cap, higher Tiers will drop gear with higher Power values.



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