Luminous Engrams

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This engram will contain a powerful weapon and piece of armor, with a high chance of Exotics.

Luminous Engrams are Engrams that will provide Powerful Gear (Legendary or Exotic Weapons and Armor pieces with 5 more base Attack/Defense than your overall base Power Level or your most powerful item for a particular slot, whichever is higher, up to a hard cap). They can be earned through completing various Weekly Milestones. These Milestones reset at 9AM PST / 10AM PDT every Tuesday along with other things that reset weekly.

Generic Luminous Engrams, awarded by completing the Clan XP Weekly Milestone from Suraya Hawthorne, grant Faction-agnostic weapons and armor pieces.

Generic Luminous Engram Awards

(Legendary items have a chance to be converted into Masterwork Weapons or Masterwork Armor before being awarded.)

Subtypes of Luminous Engrams