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The Director is an in-game menu in Destiny 2.


The Director is used to access different locations in the game, as well as manage your fireteam's roster. It consists of three tabs: Destinations, Map, and Roster.

It also tracks various quests and activities in the upper left corner of the screen.


The Destinations tab allows players to choose a location to travel to. Currently, these include:

Not all of them are accessible at the same time. For example, in order to access The Almighty, players must be at a certain point in the main story and it cannot be accessed before or after that.

Depending on the level of completion of the main story, players will have two different social hubs available to visit. If the story is complete, players can choose The Tower and if it's not - The Farm.


The Map tab displays the map of the current Location players are in, complete with the different Sectors.


The Roster tab allows players to manage their fireteam roster. This included inviting players to join the fireteam, kicking players out of the fireteam, and leaving the fireteam themselves.

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