The Almighty

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The Almighty is a giant superweapon with the capability to destroy stars. You stop the sun-destroying process in the mission 1AU. Mentioned in one of the cutscenes in the mission Six.

Season of the Worthy

Zavala and Ana have infiltrated the Almighty to discover that a Psion has taken out the primary engines causing the Sun Destroyer to drift off into space and into the Last City as a last resort. Down on Earth, Io, & the Moon, Rasputin has reactivated the Seraph Towers to connect the network back with the Warsat Network to destroy the Almighty. This is continued into the Seasonal Event, Seraph Towers, where you defeat waves of enemies while charging and defending Seraph Support Towers. At the end of The Season of the Worthy, your efforts are well done. The Warsat Network has launched a barrage of attacks against the Almighty, destroying it. The following happens in the aftermath:

  • The Almighty is destroyed
  • Pieces of the Almighty crash into an area on Earth where no known casualties have occurred.
  • A fragment of the Almighty crashes into the edge of the Tower, fortunately damaging no one.
Inspecting the broken area of the Tower, several feet in front of Zavala, will reward you with the special Emblem Seraph's Wings