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Rasputin npc.jpg
Name Rasputin
Title The Warmind
Gender Male
Description Built by Clovis Bray during the Golden Age, the Warmind Rasputin is an advanced AI created to protect humanity.

Rasputin is the Warmind, and a vendor in the Season of the Worthy.


While Rasputin himself is located on Mars, players can actually interact with him in Seraph Bunkers.

  • The Sludge, EDZ — the first Seraph Bunker available to the players, located right next to the landing zone.
  • Archer's Line, Moon — the second Seraph Bunker can be found in western Archer's Line.
  • The Rupture, Io — the final Seraph Bunker can be found a short distance away from the landing zone.


The Warmind sells Seraph Bunker upgrades and bonuses, and accepts Chipsets in exchange for a reward Engram.

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Rasputin offers two weekly, four daily and repeatable bounties. The daily and repeatable ones are available only from the bunker with an active weekly challenge. All three bunkers sell the same two weekly bounties.