Gambit Sweats

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Gambit Sweats
Gambit sweats icon1.jpg
Season 10
Type Daily Bounty
Rarity Basic
Description Help Rasputin gather combat data by either:
- Completing Gambit matches; or
- Completing Crucible matches in the Elimination, Survival, or Trials playlists.
Quote "Wherever you end up risking your skin, you should feel bad if it isn't in Gambit! Don't leave your ol' pal Drifter out to dry. Bank those motes!" —The Drifter
Objectives Progress: 1
Rewards Encrypted Warmind Bits, Warmind Bits, XP
Vendors Rasputin: Io, Rasputin: Moon, Rasputin: EDZ
Gambit Sweats is a Daily Bounty.


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