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Type Story Mission
Number 10
Location Nessus
Level 7
Recommended Power 80
Description A crashed colony ship, an interspecies war... Cayde-6 got that adventure he wanted. Go save him from it.
Friendly NPCs Cayde-6, Failsafe
Enemy Types Vex, Fallen
Bosses Acanthos, Gate Lord
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Looped.
Previous Looped
Next Sacrilege
Six is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign which begins immediately upon completion of the previous mission, Looped.


You begin the mission at the southeast extremety of The Cistern, on a platform overlooking a Nessus plateau - head for the split in the wall where Cayde's signal is coming from. Inside, you will enter the Pools of Luminance and you will come across a pool of radiolaria, said by Failsafe to be "Vex mind fluid". Do not step in the liquid, as it will damage you via the Radiolarian Fluid debuff.

Leap across rocks and ledges to navigate the stream of radiolaria, then jump through a circular entrance towards the next cavern.

You will be jumped by your first Vex Harpies. There will be about a dozen of them, but they will appear in several smaller groups. Aim for their eye for precision damage, and try to take cover from their fire. When done, move forward and jump over a pool of Vex fluid (it will take two jumps - one ahead and one to the right), then head through the crack in the wall to arrive at a far larger chamber with a Vex altar in the middle.

Keep in mind that Pools of Luminance will now become a restricted zone.

As you step into the altar, a bunch of new Vex units, Fanatics, will spawn in. Drop them from a safe distance and prepare for the next wave of enemies. Next up, you will have to deal with some more Fanatics, accompanied by Goblins. Try to use the Fanatics' explosive nature to take out some Goblins too.

This wave will be quite extensive, with more enemies spawning in by the second. A rapid-firing Kinetic is recommended. Also, stick to cover and try not to get flanked (especially by the Fanatics). Keep your eyes peeled for some Harpies that might spawn in the distance and keep shooting. You will burn through ammo quite quickly, so try to be as accurate as possible.

Once this wave is thinned out, a bunch of Minotaurs will join the fray. Use your Void weapon of choice to drop their shields and deal some splash damage to them and the nearby Goblins. This will be the last wave, so make sure you wipe out everything around you and do not die.

With the Vex onslaught defeated, head to the left and up the flight of stairs. You will come across the power source, a small Vex teleporter, that is keeping Cayde in the teleportation loop. Pick it up and wait for your objective to update. Then, step into the teleporter on the far side of the room and follow the corridor until you drop back into the small room with an altar surrounded by radiolaria. Take a right and exit out to The Cistern.

Once there, follow your objective marker to the Glade of Echoes and the remains of the Exodus Black. Once there, you will come across a massive battle between the Vex and the Fallen. It appears both sides are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other, including Fallen Walkers.

Ignore the majority of the battle and instead notice a Vex energy barrier blocking further progress - this barrier is maintained by a massive Ultra Minotaur called Acanthos, Gate Lord, which should be your primary target for now. If you find yourself running out of ammo while battling Acanthos, there are plenty of lesser foes to kill for additional ammo, but make sure to keep the innate juggler effect in mind (in short, kills with Kinetic Weapons grant Energy ammo while kills with Energy Weapons grant Kinetic ammo).

(If you feel too weak but are close to leveling up, you can use a Lost Sector in the area, The Carrion Pit, to get some experience and loot before moving on.)

As you deal with Acanthos, keep in mind that there are a lot of other enemies around you. Try to find some cover, but make sure you don't get flanked by the cannon fodder. Also, if you find yourself taking too much damage, feel free to flee the scene for a couple of seconds. The Gate Lord will be shot at from all sides, so he should quickly lose interest in you and he will not chase you.

For the most part, you should ignore the lesser enemies that do not attack you and focus your fire on the Gate Lord. He will teleport around the battlefield each time he loses a third of his health, so the moment he's gone, ignore all else and look for him.

With the Gate Lord down, run through the now-accessible ruined fuselage of the Exodus Black on your way to the Exodus Black region. Once no one is shooting at you, you might want to stop and switch out your Void weapons for Arc ones because you will be facing a significant Fallen force, led by an Ultra Captain, Jaliks, Fallen Captain.

Once you have made your presence known and defeated the Dregs accompanying Jaliks, the assault will begin in earnest, and Jaliks will reappear alongside several groups of Shanks. Deal with the Shanks around the boss - ideally, you want to isolate him and make sure nothing will flank your position. Then, let rip at him and make him a priority target. Once you have taken out a third of its health, it will teleport away to a nearby structure. Head toward the structure to continue the fight.

As you arrive, you will find the structure contains not only Jaliks, but a group of Dregs and Vandals - deal with these lesser foes, then focus on Jaliks once more. You want him down as soon as possible.

Once Jaliks is gone, he will drop a Scorch Cannon with 50 ammo - pick it up and use it to mop up the rest of the Fallen forces. Then, follow your objective marker to meet up with Cayde. This will trigger a cutscene and complete the mission, bringing you to Failsafe's location.



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