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Type Story Mission
Number 9
Location Nessus
Level 7
Recommended Power 80
Description No one's heard from Cayde-6 since the Hunter took off for an uncharted world. Track him down.
Friendly NPCs Cayde-6, Failsafe
Enemy Types Vex
Bosses Hapax, The Convergent Mind
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Utopia.
Previous Utopia
Next Six
Looped banner red.png

Looped is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign.


With Utopia complete, Nessus will become available to you. Head there using the Director to begin the next Story Mission. You are tasked with finding and rescuing Cayde-6, the Hunter of Zavala's fireteam.

The mission will begin at the top of a tower within Artifact's Edge in the Arcadian Valley - descend to ground level by either jumping off straight ahead and double-jumping right before you hit the ground or taking a right and following the structure a couple of levels down to an energy elevator. Then, follow your objective marker to the nearby wrecked ship and investigate the distress beacon.

There, a new NPC, Failsafe, will inform you that Cayde is caught in a teleportation loop and provide you with his current coordinates. Follow your objective marker over the surface of Nessus into the Hallows, then head down through the large hole in the ground. Be careful with the fall damage, then proceed through the caverns below.

You will come across a circular Vex altar with Cayde hanging in mid-air. Right as he greets you, you will be jumped by your first Vex. It will be several waves of Goblins and Minotaurs. Using a Void weapon on the Minotaur shields is advised.

With them down, your objective will update. Follow your marker onwards and into a Sunken Cavern, where you will be presented with some risky ledges to jump across to a larger platform, full of Vex. You will be introduced to the Hobgoblin - the Vex sniper unit. (If you have a long-range weapon, you can actually attack one inactive Hobgoblin from the beginning of the ledges section, triggering enemy spawns early.) They will be on top of some pillars, so take them down first. Otherwise, your cover options get severely limited. Then deal with the other enemies, some Goblins and an Elite Minotaur (simply called Minotaur).

Then, leap across some more ledges until you reach a glowing Vex gate. Carefully navigate to it, using the protruding ledges of the pit before you, and go through. Then, leap across some more platforms, entering the Well of Giants, and descend the energy elevator you will find.

You will find Cayde once more, hanging above a bottomless abyss. Next to him, your first Hydra will spawn. And not just any Hydra, but an Ultra Hydra, Hapax, the Convergent Mind (generally, Vex Minds are always Ultra-toughness enemies). As soon as it appears, find some high ground to claim as your own. Then, engage it by shooting between its shields. You can't break through its shields, no matter how hard you try, so time your shots carefully and aim for its eye. Try not to waste ammo, because this enemy can take a lot of punishment and every bullet is valuable.

Do not stand in the middle of the arena, because the Hydra will teleport there in the beginning of the battle. Instead, face Cayde and turn right to find something like a small balcony. It is a small platform that offers some cover from enemy fire and can easily be defended against the lesser foes that will soon appear. Claim that platform as yours and stick to it. Do not drop to ground level.

Once a third of its health is gone, Hapax will teleport away from the center and some cannon fodder will spawn. Namely, some Goblins, Minotaurs, and Hobgoblins. Deal with them as they assault your position, but if they stay at ground level or in a position where they cannot shoot you from, focus on the Hydra. You want that thing destroyed as soon as possible. Once another third of its health is gone, a second group of enemies will be spawned in as Hapax teleports to the other side of the arena.

This is the final boss for the mission, so do not hesitate to use your Super ability and Power Ammo. In fact, a rocket launcher or a sniper rifle can greatly help you with killing the Hydra in no time at all. Once Hapax is dead, any remaining enemies will be despawned, and a cutscene will be triggered after a delay, completing the mission and immediately beginning the next one, Six.



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