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Name Failsafe
Title Exodus Black AI
Faction Nessus (Faction)
Race Golden Age AI
Gender Female
Location Nessus
Description Survivor of a crashed Golden Age colony ship, the AI Failsafe acts as a guide to the Vex-haunted wastes of Nessus.


Failsafe is an NPC and Vendor for Destiny 2 who can be found on Nessus. She serves as the liaison for the Nessus Faction and will provide the player with Nessus Engrams in exchange for Nessus Tokens, Microphasic Datalattice, and Quantized Datalattice. Note that Failsafe is a stationary NPC whose location is not affected by the events of the campaign.


  • Nessus – Located near the Exodus Black landing area. Failsafe can be found inside ruined hull of the Exodus Black.


  • See the Nessus Faction article for details about increasing standing with Failsafe as well as the rewards for doing so.

Vendor Goods

Goods available for acquisition from Failsafe fall under two categories: Faction Rewards and Gear

Faction Rewards

This section contains armor and weapons which are normally obtained from Nessus Engrams. The following can be purchased if the appropriate number of Nessus Engrams have been claimed on the current character:

Titan only:

Hunter only:

Warlock only:

All classes:


Five pieces of Uncommon gear (weapons or armor pieces) are offered for sale at all times (2500 Glimmer for weapons, 2800 Glimmer for armor pieces). Note that the Power Level of Uncommon gear is hard-capped at 200.


Once the current character has completed all Adventures on Nessus once, up to four of those Adventures each day can be picked up from Failsafe. Picking up an Adventure adds the respective flag back onto the world map, allowing one to replay the Adventure for full rewards.

Personality and Dialogue

Having spent centuries in relative isolation, Failsafe has developed a split personality. Though she is generally amiable with the player, she will on occasion let slip a crude or violent remark in a lower voice that drips with disdain. As her core resides within the ruins of the Exodus Black colony ship, Failsafe will frequently contact the player via comms. She appears to be able to remotely monitor the player's progress and will occasionally make her presence known even if the player is currently on another planet.

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