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Season 18 Emblems

See also: Season 18 Emblems
A Bit of CoinA bit of coin icon1.jpgLegendary
Ever ForwardEver forward icon1.jpgLegendary
Exospheric VoyageExospheric voyage icon1.jpgLegendary
Eye of MidnightEye of midnight icon1.jpgLegendary
Field RecognitionField recognition icon1.jpgLegendary
Forged in GraceForged in grace icon1.jpgLegendary
King No MoreKing no more icon1.jpgLegendary
Limitless HorizonLimitless horizon icon1.jpgLegendary
Lost at SeaLost at sea icon1.jpgLegendary
MagnetismMagnetism icon1.jpgLegendary
Neomuna NightsNeomuna nights icon1.jpgLegendary
Network EstablishedNetwork established icon1.jpgLegendary
PareidoliaPareidolia icon1.jpgLegendary
Parts of a WholeParts of a whole icon1.jpgLegendary
Seeds of HopeSeeds of hope icon1.jpgLegendary
Seraphim's GauntletsSeraphim's gauntlets icon1.jpgLegendary
StarbirthStarbirth icon1.jpgLegendary
TyrantTyrant icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 17 Emblems

See also: Season 17 Emblems
A Distant HowlA distant howl icon1.jpgLegendary
A Single SparkA single spark icon1.jpgLegendary
And... Action!And… action! icon1.jpgLegendary
Archivist's KeyArchivist's key icon1.jpgLegendary
Glory & GoldGlory & gold icon1.jpgLegendary
Gravity AxleGravity axle icon1.jpgLegendary
Heritage EternalHeritage eternal icon1.jpgLegendary
Humanity's ChosenHumanity's chosen icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron CoreIron core icon1.jpgLegendary
Leviathan's Gift ShopLeviathan's gift shop icon1.jpgLegendary
Nightmare TendencyNightmare tendency icon1.jpgLegendary
Operation CalienteOperation caliente icon1.jpgLegendary
Opulence CorruptedOpulence corrupted icon1.jpgLegendary
Outside the LinesOutside the lines icon1.jpgLegendary
Prêt-á-porterPrêt-á-porter icon1.jpgLegendary
RefinedRefined icon1.jpgLegendary
Schrödinger's GunSchrödinger's gun icon1.jpgLegendary
Seven of SevenSeven of seven icon1.jpgLegendary
Severance PackageSeverance package icon1.jpgLegendary
Solar FlairSolar flair icon1.jpgLegendary
Starlit WelcomeStarlit welcome icon1.jpgLegendary
Sunward OrdealSunward ordeal icon1.jpgLegendary
The Deepest TruthThe deepest truth icon1.jpgLegendary
The Infinite PrismaticThe infinite prismatic icon1.jpgLegendary
Untouched by OpulenceUntouched by opulence icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 16 Emblems

See also: Season 16 Emblems
A Crimson CathedralA crimson cathedral icon1.jpgLegendary
A Good SportFile:A good sport icon1.jpgLegendary
A Higher TruthA higher truth icon1.jpgLegendary
Apricot DawnApricot dawn icon1.jpgLegendary
Archive of TwilightArchive of twilight icon1.jpgLegendary
As Above So BelowAs above so below icon1.jpgLegendary
Binary CascadeFile:Binary cascade icon1.jpgLegendary
Broadcasting from the DarkBroadcasting from the dark icon1.jpgLegendary
Cerisian LensesCerisian lenses icon1.jpgLegendary
Crushed GammaCrushed gamma icon1.jpgLegendary
Dark TelemetryDark telemetry icon1.jpgLegendary
EntombedEntombed icon1.jpgLegendary
Follow the LightFollow the light icon1.jpgLegendary
Glory's ClaimFile:Glory's claim icon1.jpgLegendary
Hallowed CoronationHallowed coronation icon1.jpgLegendary
InterconnectedInterconnected icon1.jpgLegendary
KnightedKnighted icon1.jpgLegendary
Life for LifeLife for life icon1.jpgLegendary
Light of the Dark SunLight of the dark sun icon1.jpgLegendary
Long Live the QueenLong live the queen icon1.jpgLegendary
Nature of TruthNature of truth icon1.jpgLegendary
One of UsOne of us icon1.jpgLegendary
PhotoionizationPhotoionization icon1.jpgLegendary
Psychic WarfarePsychic warfare icon1.jpgLegendary
Relentless MomentumRelentless momentum icon1.jpgLegendary
RorschachRorschach icon1.jpgLegendary
Scientia IlluminataScientia illuminata icon1.jpgLegendary
Scientia ObscuraScientia obscura icon1.jpgLegendary
Side by SideSide by side icon1.jpgLegendary
Sister of ShapesSister of shapes icon1.jpgLegendary
Stag's SpiritStag's spirit icon1.jpgLegendary
The CleaverThe cleaver icon1.jpgLegendary
Two SidesTwo sides icon1.jpgLegendary
Venn's PulsarVenn's pulsar icon1.jpgLegendary
We Begin in the StarsWe begin in the stars icon1.jpgLegendary
СоняшникСоняшник icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 15 Emblems

See also: Season 15 Emblems
A Dream SharedA dream shared icon1.jpgLegendary
Absolutely CursedAbsolutely cursed icon1.jpgLegendary
All for OneAll for one icon1.jpgLegendary
An AudienceAn audience icon1.jpgLegendary
Anchor PointAnchor point icon1.jpgLegendary
Anno Panthera TigrisAnno panthera tigris icon1.jpgLegendary
Arc PropellantArc propellant icon1.jpgLegendary
Astral LocationAstral location icon1.jpgLegendary
Beheaded HomeBeheaded home icon1.jpgLegendary
BrightwingBrightwing icon1.jpgLegendary
Bump in the Night (Emblem)Bump in the night emblem icon1.jpgLegendary
Celestial CartographyCelestial cartography icon1.jpgLegendary
Champions WitnessedChampions witnessed icon1.jpgLegendary
Circumflex DiacriticCircumflex diacritic icon1.jpgLegendary
Countdown to ConvergenceCountdown to convergence icon1.jpgLegendary
Dim ItalicsDim italics icon1.jpgLegendary
DreissigsteDreissigste icon1.jpgLegendary
Everyone Can PlayEveryone can play icon1.jpgLegendary
Existential UnfoldmentExistential unfoldment icon1.jpgLegendary
From the AshesFrom the ashes icon1.jpgLegendary
Galactic MagpieGalactic magpie icon1.jpgLegendary
Heimdallr's HollerHeimdallr's holler icon1.jpgLegendary
Hollow SleepHollow sleep icon1.jpgLegendary
Intrepid PearlIntrepid pearl icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron to SteelIron to steel icon1.jpgLegendary
LightstringLightstring icon1.jpgLegendary
Liminal NadirLiminal nadir icon1.jpgLegendary
LucidityLucidity icon1.jpgLegendary
Midas TractionMidas traction icon1.jpgLegendary
Moments of Triumph 2021Moments of triumph 2021 icon1.jpgLegendary
Of the RealmOf the realm icon1.jpgLegendary
Piratical AmbitionsPiratical ambitions icon1.jpgLegendary
PlanestriderPlanestrider icon1.jpgLegendary
Pulsar ApproachingPulsar approaching icon1.jpgLegendary
Rogue PolymerRogue polymer icon1.jpgLegendary
RoyaltyRoyalty icon1.jpgLegendary
Shadow's LightShadow's light icon1.jpgLegendary
Sneer of the OniSneer of the oni icon1.jpgLegendary
Swift FortunaSwift fortuna icon1.jpgLegendary
Tangled WebTangled web icon1.jpgLegendary
The Flow, the MetalThe flow, the metal icon1.jpgLegendary
The Lure of FlameThe lure of flame icon1.jpgLegendary
Time DilationTime dilation icon1.jpgLegendary
Wheel of MisfortuneWheel of misfortune icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 14 Emblems

See also: Season 14 Emblems
10950 Days10950 Days icon.jpgLegendary
A Classy OrderA Classy Order icon.jpgLegendary
BibliomancyBibliomancy icon.jpgLegendary
Broken BarriersBroken Barriers icon.jpgLegendary
Bungie Day 2021Bungie Day 2021 icon.jpgLegendary
Burnt EdgesBurnt Edges icon.jpgLegendary
Entre NousEntre Nous icon.jpgLegendary
ExotemporalExotemporal icon.jpgLegendary
Feint DriftFeint Drift icon.jpgLegendary
Gravitational AllureGravitational Allure icon.jpgLegendary
Greasy PalmsGreasy Palms icon.jpgLegendary
Guardians' OathGuardians' Oath icon.jpgLegendary
Helios CrownHelios Crown icon.jpgLegendary
Heliotrope WarrenHeliotrope Warren icon.jpgLegendary
Infinite ReflectionsInfinite reflections icon1.jpgLegendary
Luminous TapestryLuminous Tapestry icon.jpgLegendary
Midnight DuranceMidnight Durance icon.jpgLegendary
Misplaced SunMisplaced Sun icon.jpgLegendary
New BlueNew Blue icon.jpgLegendary
Portable PowerPortable Power icon.jpgLegendary
Reborn In FlamesReborn In Flames icon.jpgLegendary
Share a GlassShare a Glass icon.jpgLegendary
Solar BreezeSolar Breeze icon.jpgLegendary
Spectral FlareSpectral Flare icon.jpgLegendary
Spoils of IshtarSpoils of Ishtar icon.jpgLegendary
Stars CrossedStars Crossed icon.jpgLegendary
The Brightest StarsThe Brightest Stars1.jpgLegendary
The Unrelenting GripThe Unrelenting Grip icon.jpgLegendary
Threads of LightThreads of Light icon.jpgLegendary
Unified FrontUnified Front icon.jpgLegendary
Woven ResilienceWoven Resilience icon.jpgLegendary

Season 13 Emblems

See also: Season 13 Emblems
A Vile QuarryA vile quarry icon1.jpgLegendary
And Still We StoodAnd still we stood icon1.jpgLegendary
ApeirohedronApeirohedron icon1.jpgLegendary
Apogee SeriesApogee series icon1.jpgLegendary
Aurelian PrizeAurelian prize icon1.jpgLegendary
Circadian GuardCircadian guard icon1.jpgLegendary
Contender's BannerContender's banner icon1.jpgLegendary
Contender's SignetContender's signet icon1.jpgLegendary
Echo DiamondEcho diamond icon1.jpgLegendary
ElectromagnonElectromagnon icon1.jpgLegendary
Empowered VoicesEmpowered voices icon1.jpgLegendary
Euclidean TheoremEuclidean theorem icon1.jpgLegendary
Foundational LayersFoundational layers icon1.jpgLegendary
Function of GraceFunction of grace icon1.jpgLegendary
LightcrashLightcrash icon1.jpgLegendary
Metagalactic BloomMetagalactic bloom icon1.jpgLegendary
OculariaOcularia icon1.jpgLegendary
Parallel ProgramParallel program icon1.jpgLegendary
Promise of PaybackPromise of payback icon1.jpgLegendary
Sequence FlourishSequence flourish icon1.jpgLegendary
Shadow MarketShadow market icon1.jpgLegendary
Spectral SeaSpectral sea icon1.jpgLegendary
Spirited RivalrySpirited rivalry icon1.jpgLegendary
Stalking ShadesStalking shades icon1.jpgLegendary
Suspended AnimationSuspended animation icon1.jpgLegendary
The Next ChapterThe next chapter icon1.jpgLegendary
Vital ElixerVital elixer icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 12 Emblems

See also: Season 12 Emblems
1530 Centigrade1530 centigrade icon1.jpgLegendary
Absolute ZeroAbsolute zero icon1.jpgLegendary
Be TrueBe true icon1.jpgLegendary
Between StarsBetween stars icon1.jpgLegendary
Cardinal RefractionCardinal refraction icon1.jpgLegendary
Chromatic IntentionChromatic intention icon1.jpgLegendary
Consequence of DutyConsequence of duty icon1.jpgLegendary
CryonauticsCryonautics icon1.jpgLegendary
Crypt ReawakenedCrypt reawakened icon1.jpgLegendary
Dark EmpireDark empire icon1.jpgLegendary
Dawning MirthDawning mirth icon2.jpgLegendary
Dazzling VisageDazzling visage icon1.jpgLegendary
Distant TidesDistant tides icon1.jpgLegendary
Eternal MomentEternal moment icon1.jpgLegendary
Europan EclipseEuropan eclipse icon1.jpgLegendary
Filament BlossomFilament blossom icon1.jpgLegendary
Fluid ResonanceFluid resonance icon1.jpgLegendary
Future in ShadowFuture in shadow icon1.jpgLegendary
Galilean ExcursionGalilean excursion icon1.jpgLegendary
Gloomlight VigilGloomlight vigil icon1.jpgLegendary
Hunting GroundsHunting grounds icon1.jpgLegendary
Light KeepersFile:Light keepers icon1.jpgLegendary
Live for the HustleLive for the hustle icon1.jpgLegendary
Long Slow WhisperLong slow whisper icon1.jpgLegendary
Matrix JubileeMatrix jubilee icon1.jpgLegendary
Newtonian Acceleration CrewNewtonian acceleration crew icon1.jpgLegendary
NyctophobiaNyctophobia icon1.jpgLegendary
PhotologicianPhotologician icon1.jpgLegendary
Prismatic ShiverPrismatic shiver icon1.jpgLegendary
Salvation's DownfallSalvation's downfall icon1.jpgLegendary
Second ChancesSecond chances icon1.jpgLegendary
Shattered HarmonyShattered harmony icon1.jpgLegendary
The Glassway (Emblem)The glassway icon1.jpgLegendary
The Hidden EdgeThe hidden edge icon1.jpgLegendary
Those Held DearFile:Those held dear icon1.jpgLegendary
Thrill of the ChaseThrill of the chase icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanquisher's StandardVanquisher's standard icon1.jpgLegendary
Victory's WreathVictory's wreath icon1.jpgLegendary
Wings of LightWings of Light1.jpgLegendary

Season 11 Emblems

See also: Season 11 Emblems
Accolades on AccoladesAccolades on accolades icon1.jpgLegendary
Calamity ProtocolCalamity protocol icon1.jpgLegendary
Edge of ArrivalEdge of arrival icon1.jpgLegendary
Light UnbridledLight unbridled icon1.jpgLegendary
Long-Boy SpecialLong-boy special icon1.jpgLegendary
Magnificence in ActionMagnificence in action icon1.jpgLegendary
No Power in the Verse Can Stop MeNo power in the verse can stop me icon1.jpgLegendary
Point of ContactPoint of contact icon1.jpgLegendary
Prophetic VisionaryProphetic visionary icon1.jpgLegendary
Settled DifferencesSettled differences icon1.jpgLegendary
Strike at the HeartStrike at the heart icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 10 Emblems

See also: Season 10 Emblems
Cast IronCast iron icon1.jpgLegendary
Emblem of the WorthyEmblem of the worthy icon1.jpgLegendary
Fifteen Holding, Fifteen DownFifteen holding, fifteen down icon1.jpgLegendary
Flawless EmpyreanFlawless empyrean icon1.jpgLegendary
Hardened by TrialHardened by trial icon1.jpgLegendary
Knight of the Old GuardKnight of the old guard icon1.jpgLegendary
Light for the LostLight for the lost icon1.jpgLegendary
Rivals ThreeRivals three icon1.jpgLegendary
Seraph's WingsSeraph's wings icon1.jpgLegendary
Settle the ScoreSettle the score icon1.jpgLegendary
Strike OperatorStrike operator icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 9 Emblems

See also: Season 9 Emblems
Dawn ChaserDawn chaser icon1.jpgLegendary
Gift Giver (Emblem)Gift giver icon1.jpgLegendary
In the ValleyIn the Valley icon.jpgLegendary
Iron in the FireIron in the fire icon1.jpgLegendary
No QuarterNo quarter icon1.jpgLegendary
Restorative LightRestorative light icon1.jpgLegendary
Sandswept CrusaderSandswept crusader icon1.jpgLegendary
Savior of the PastSavior of the past icon1.jpgLegendary
TacticianTactician icon1.jpgLegendary
Team Player (Emblem)Team player emblem icon1.jpgLegendary
Timeline WarriorTimeline warrior icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 8 Emblems

See also: Season 8 Emblems
A Sibyl's DreamsA sibyl's dreams icon1.jpgLegendary
AnamnesisAnamnesis icon1.jpgLegendary
Anomalous SignalAnomalous signal icon1.jpgLegendary
Archivist's PrizeArchivist's prize icon1.jpgLegendary
Aspect of LuminanceAspect of luminance icon1.jpgLegendary
Aurora ClashAurora clash icon1.jpgLegendary
Be HeardBe Heard1.jpgLegendary
Bending BorealisBending borealis icon1.jpgLegendary
Benevolent HueBenevolent Hue1.jpgLegendary
Benighted OmenBenighted omen icon1.jpgLegendary
Between the LinesBetween the lines icon1.jpgLegendary
Born of ThisBorn of this icon1.jpgLegendary
Bungie FoundationBungie foundation icon1.jpgLegendary
Bungie Foundation EmblemBungie foundation emblem icon1.jpgLegendary
Burnished BladeBurnished blade icon1.jpgLegendary
Cosmic AlignmentCosmic Alignment1.jpgLegendary
Creator's CachetCreator's cachet icon1.jpgLegendary
Crimson EchoesCrimson echoes icon1.jpgLegendary
CryptologistCryptologist icon1.jpgLegendary
Cybernetic BloomCybernetic bloom icon1.jpgLegendary
Dark OrbitDark orbit icon1.jpgLegendary
Dive into DarknessDive into darkness icon1.jpgLegendary
Eclipsed SunsetEclipsed Sunset1.jpgLegendary
Eclipsed VoidEclipsed void icon1.jpgLegendary
Eclipsing KeepEclipsing keep icon1.jpgLegendary
Effortless FlowEffortless flow icon1.jpgLegendary
Fly TogetherFly together icon1.jpgLegendary
Inherent TruthInherent truth icon1.jpgLegendary
K1 Revelation EmblemK1 revelation icon1.jpgLegendary
Living VestigeLiving vestige icon1.jpgLegendary
Lost in ItLost in it icon1.jpgLegendary
Lunar MemoriamLunar memoriam icon1.jpgLegendary
Mist BlossomsMist blossoms icon1.jpgLegendary
Orbital CartographerOrbital cartographer icon1.jpgLegendary
Pushing Down DaisiesPushing down daisies icon1.jpgLegendary
Sanguine StaticSanguine static icon1.jpgLegendary
SaviorSavior icon1.jpgLegendary
Septenary EncryptionSeptenary Encryption1.jpgLegendary
Shine TriumphantShine triumphant icon1.jpgLegendary
Star Light, Star BrightStar light star bright icon1.jpgLegendary
SuaveSuave icon1.jpgLegendary
Sunset EchoesSunset echoes icon1.jpgLegendary
Sweet DreamsSweet dreams icon1.jpgLegendary
Symphonic ShiftSymphonic shift icon1.jpgLegendary
Tell Me a StoryTell me a story icon1.jpgLegendary
The Levante PrizeThe levante prize icon1.jpgLegendary
Through the HeartThrough the heart icon1.jpgLegendary
Timeless VigilTimeless vigil icon1.jpgLegendary
TrailblazerTrailblazer icon1.jpgLegendary
Triple TipTriple tip icon1.jpgLegendary
UltraworldUltraworld icon1.jpgLegendary
Unhallowed EveUnhallowed eve icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 7 Emblems

See also: Season 7 Emblems
A Hall of DelightsA hall of delights icon1.jpgLegendary
Crown of Sorrow (Emblem)Crown of sorrow icon1.jpgLegendary
Disdain for GlitterDisdain for glitter icon1.jpgLegendary
Disdain for GoldDisdain for gold icon1.jpgLegendary
Grizzled WolfGrizzled wolf icon1.jpgLegendary
Heavy Is the CrownHeavy is the crown icon1.jpgLegendary
Mistrust of GiftsMistrust of gifts icon1.jpgLegendary
Moments of Triumph 2019Moments of triumph 2019 icon1.jpgLegendary
Prismatic InfernoPrismatic inferno icon1.jpgLegendary
The Imperial MenagerieThe imperial menagerie icon1.jpgLegendary
The Moon StirsThe moon stirs icon1.jpgLegendary
The Tribute Hall (Emblem)The tribute hall icon1.jpgLegendary
The Wolves UnleashedThe wolves unleashed icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 6 Emblems

See also: Season 6 Emblems
DeterminationDetermination icon1.jpgLegendary
Heavy as DeathHeavy as death icon1.jpgLegendary
Quarantine ZoneQuarantine zone icon1.jpgLegendary
Rain of AshesRain of ashes icon1.jpgLegendary
Simulant SpringSimulant spring icon1.jpgLegendary
The CollectorThe collector icon1.jpgLegendary
The InvaderThe invader icon1.jpgLegendary
The ReaperThe reaper icon1.jpgLegendary
The SentryThe sentry icon1.jpgLegendary
The Weight of GuiltThe weight of guilt icon1.jpgLegendary
Viper StrikeViper strike icon1.jpgLegendary
VirescentVirescent icon1.jpgLegendary
Wheel of FortuneWheel of fortune icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 5 Emblems

See also: Season 5 Emblems
Blade of BergusiaBlade of bergusia icon1.jpgLegendary
Blood of IzanamiBlood of izanami icon1.jpgLegendary
Deep in the WoodsDeep in the woods icon1.jpgLegendary
Delicious BenefactorDelicious benefactor icon1.jpgLegendary
EnneadEnnead icon1.jpgLegendary
Gofannon's FireGofannons fire icon1.jpgLegendary
Gofannon's HammerGofannons hammer icon1.jpgLegendary
Holiday TreatsHoliday treats icon1.jpgLegendary
Hubris of NiobeHubris of niobe icon1.jpgLegendary
Keep on DriftingKeep on drifting icon1.jpgLegendary
Meyrin's VisionMeyrins vision icon1.jpgLegendary
Might of VolundrMight of volundr icon1.jpgLegendary
Nightmare's EndNightmares end icon1.jpgLegendary
Numbers of PowerNumbers of power icon1.jpgLegendary
Obsidian DreamsObsidian dreams icon1.jpgLegendary
Punctuation MarksPunctuation marks icon1.jpgLegendary
Rasmussen's GiftNewgifticon.jpgLegendary
Recovered MemoriesRecovered memories icon1.jpgLegendary
Satou's SecretNewsatousicon.jpgLegendary
Scourge of NothingScourge of nothing icon1.jpgLegendary
Senior RecruiterSenior recruiter icon1.jpgLegendary
Soldier OnSoldier on icon1.jpgLegendary
Steel of BergusiaSteel of bergusia icon1.jpgLegendary
Tear of IzanamiTear of izanami icon1.jpgLegendary
The Eternal ReturnThe eternal return icon1.jpgLegendary
The Golden StandardThe golden standard icon1.jpgLegendary
Universal HeroUniversal hero icon1.jpgLegendary
Vengeance of VolundrVengeance of volundr icon1.jpgLegendary
Veteran of the HuntVeteran of the hunt icon1.jpgLegendary
Wish AscendedWish ascended icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 4 Emblems

Emblem Rarity Image Acquired By
Heretic Common Heretic emblem icon1.jpg  ????
Buried City Common Buried city icon1.jpg  ????
Day of Seven Common Day of seven icon1.jpg  ????
Controlled Chaos Common Controlled chaos icon1.jpg  ????
Recurrent Resplendence Common Recurrent resplendence icon1.jpg  ????
Carrhae Common Carrhae icon1.jpg  ????
Tchaikovsky Admirer Common Tchaikovsky admirer icon1.jpg  ????
Sonic Simulation Common Sonic simulation icon1.jpg  ????
Light of the Dawning Legendary Light of the dawning icon1.jpg  ????
Fire of the Crimson Days Legendary Fire of the crimson days icon1.jpg  ????
A Forest of Red Legendary A forest of red icon1.jpg  ????
Valus Intrigue Legendary Valus intrigue icon1.jpg  ????
No More Lasers Legendary No more lasers icon1.jpg  ????
Eagle's Flight Legendary Eagles flight icon1.jpg  ????
Vex Convergence Legendary Vex convergence icon1.jpg  ????
Vance's Temple Legendary Vances temple icon1.jpg  ????
Burning Silicon Legendary Burning silicon icon1.jpg  ????
No More Flame Turrets Legendary No more flame turrets icon1.jpg  ????
Outlawed and Unsanctioned Legendary Outlawed and unsanctioned icon1.jpg  ????
A Flare for the Dramatic Legendary A flare for the dramatic icon1.jpg  ????
Lion's End Legendary Lions end icon1.jpg  ????
Shadow of the Shard Legendary Shadow of the shard icon1.jpg  ????
Red Legion Stronghold Legendary Red legion stronghold icon1.jpg  ????
Devrim's Perch Legendary Devrims perch icon1.jpg  ????
Humanity's Cradle Legendary Humanitys cradle icon1.jpg  ????
Serpent's Ruin Legendary Serpents ruin icon1.jpg  ????
Watcher from Beyond Legendary Watcher from beyond icon1.jpg  ????
Search and Rescue Legendary Search and rescue icon1.jpg  ????
Praxic Fire Legendary Praxic fire icon1.jpg  ????
Operation Radiolarian Cascade Legendary Operation radiolarian cascade icon1.jpg  ????
Unconventional Research Legendary Unconventional research icon1.jpg  ????
A Mind Forever Changing Legendary A mind forever changing icon1.jpg  ????
Taken Resurgence Legendary Taken resurgence icon1.jpg  ????
Ignition Unsparked Legendary Ignition unsparked icon1.jpg  ????
Traveler's Departure Legendary Travelers departure icon1.jpg  ????
Asher's Asylum Legendary Ashers asylum icon1.jpg  ????
Hive Infestation Legendary Hive infestation icon1.jpg  ????
Golden Age Tarnished Legendary Golden age tarnished icon1.jpg  ????
Utopia Lost Legendary Utopia lost icon1.jpg  ????
Sloane's Watchtower Legendary Sloanes watchtower icon1.jpg  ????
Serpent's Strike Legendary Serpents strike icon1.jpg  ????
Operation... Oboe? Legendary Operation… oboe? icon1.jpg  ????
Better Failsafe Than Sorry Legendary Better failsafe than sorry icon1.jpg  ????
Operation Piccolo Legendary Operation piccolo icon1.jpg  ????
Fallen Pillage Legendary Fallen pillage icon1.jpg  ????
Leviathan's Feast Legendary Leviathans feast icon1.jpg  ????
Machine Centaur Legendary Machine centaur icon1.jpg  ????
Failsafe's Prison Legendary Failsafes prison icon1.jpg  ????
Victorious Veteran Legendary Victorious veteran icon1.jpg  ????
An Inscrutable Amygdaloid Eigenstate Legendary An inscrutable amygdaloid eigenstate icon1.jpg  ????
Spiraling into the Infinite Legendary Spiraling into the infinite icon1.jpg  ????
Operation Intrepid Legendary Operation intrepid icon1.jpg  ????
Lion's Roar Legendary Lions roar icon1.jpg  ????
Odysseus's Offspring Legendary Odysseuss offspring icon1.jpg  ????
Blast from the Past Legendary Blast from the past icon1.jpg  ????
Pulling Out the Roots Legendary Pulling out the roots icon1.jpg  ????
Eagle's Fall Legendary Eagles fall icon1.jpg  ????
True Glory Legendary True glory icon1.jpg  ????
Grind Underfoot Legendary Grind underfoot icon1.jpg  ????
Together, For Glory! Legendary Together, for glory! icon1.jpg  ????
True Valor Legendary True valor icon1.jpg  ????
Return TYRANT++ Legendary Return tyrant++ icon1.jpg  ????
For Glory Legendary For glory icon1.jpg  ????
Will of the Thousands Legendary Will of the thousands icon1.jpg  ????
For Valor Legendary For valor icon1.jpg  ????
Cradle of Invention Legendary Cradle of invention icon1.jpg  ????
Warmind's Fortress Legendary Warminds fortress icon1.jpg  ????
Relic of the Golden Age Legendary Relic of the golden age icon1.jpg  ????
Wormslayer Legendary Wormslayer icon1.jpg  ????
Hellas Basin Legendary Hellas basin icon1.jpg  ????
Warminded Legendary Warminded icon1.jpg  ????
Arctic Arsenalist Legendary Arctic arsenalist icon1.jpg  ????
Apparatus Belli Legendary Apparatus belli icon1.jpg  ????
IKELOS Imperative Rare Ikelos imperative icon1.jpg  ????
Cold Comfort Rare Cold comfort icon1.jpg  ????
Specter of the Gun Rare Specter of the gun icon1.jpg  ????
Technological Singularity Rare Technological singularity icon1.jpg  ????
Giantfall Legendary Giantfall icon1.jpg  ????
Feast of Worms Legendary Feast of worms icon1.jpg  ????
Death to the Deathless Legendary Death to the deathless icon1.jpg  ????
Purifying Light Legendary Purifying light icon1.jpg  ????
Maleficarum Interrupted Legendary Maleficarum interrupted icon1.jpg  ????
Bane of Nokris Legendary Bane of nokris icon1.jpg  ????
Master Guide Legendary Master guide icon1.jpg  ????
Apprentice Guide Legendary Apprentice guide icon1.jpg  ????
Neophyte Guide Legendary Neophyte guide icon1.jpg  ????
Strange Terrain Legendary Strange terrain icon1.jpg  ????
Renewed Triumph Legendary Renewed triumph icon1.jpg  ????
Eternally Triumphant Legendary Eternally triumphant icon1.jpg  ????
Honor of the Vanguard Legendary Honor of the vanguard icon1.jpg  ????
Strikes of All Stripes Legendary Strikes of all stripes icon1.jpg  ????
Redrix's Preferred Legendary Redrixs preferred icon1.jpg  ????
Made Shaxx Proud Legendary Made shaxx proud icon1.jpg  ????
Rogue Titan Common Rogue titan icon1.jpg  ????
Rogue Hunter Common Rogue hunter icon1.jpg  ????
Rogue Warlock Common Rogue warlock icon1.jpg  ????
Struck a Nerve Legendary Struck a nerve icon1.jpg  ????
Playin' the Odds Legendary Playin the odds icon1.jpg  ????
Drink at the Well Legendary Drink at the well icon1.jpg  ????
Transcendent Legendary Transcendent icon1.jpg  ????
Secret Victories Legendary Secret victories icon1.jpg  ????
OXA Attempt Legendary Oxa attempt icon1.jpg  ????
Technocrat's Doom Legendary Technocrats doom icon1.jpg  ????
Another's Vengeance Legendary Anothers vengeance icon1.jpg  ????
Scorned Revenant Legendary Scorned revenant icon1.jpg  ????
Insight Terminus Legendary Insight terminus icon1.jpg  ????
Cataloguer Legendary Cataloguer icon1.jpg  ????
On Our Shoulders Common On our shoulders icon1.jpg  ????
First to the Forge Common First to the forge icon1.jpg  ????
First to the Wild Common First to the wild icon1.jpg  ????
Sign of Celebration Common Sign of celebration icon1.jpg  ????
Emblem of Peace Common Emblem of peace icon1.jpg  ????
Conqueror of Infinity Common Conqueror of infinity icon1.jpg  ????
Little Light's Emblem Common Little lights emblem icon1.jpg  ????
Music of Mercury Common Music of mercury icon1.jpg  ????
Second Mark of the Collector Common Second mark of the collector icon1.jpg  ????
Third Mark of the Collector Common Third mark of the collector icon1.jpg  ????
Cayde's Last Stand Common Caydes last stand icon1.jpg  ????
Emblem of the Hibiscus Common Emblem of the hibiscus icon1.jpg  ????
Codex Doctrinae Common Codex doctrinae icon1.jpg  ????
Heroes of the Light Common Heroes of the light icon1.jpg  ????
Emblem of Synth Common Emblem of synth icon1.jpg  ????
Artist in Residence Common Artist in residence icon1.jpg  ????
Highland Heart Common Highland heart icon1.jpg  ????
Plaid Pride Common Plaid pride icon1.jpg  ????
System of Peace Common System of peace icon1.jpg  ????
Sign of Connection Common Sign of connection icon1.jpg  ????
Traveler's Wish Common Travelers wish icon1.jpg  ????
Gateway to Knowledge Common Gateway to knowledge icon1.jpg  ????
Guardian's Call Common Guardians call icon1.jpg  ????
Together We Rise Common Together we rise icon1.jpg  ????
Emblem of the Fleet Common Emblem of the fleet icon1.jpg  ????
First Mark of the Collector Common First mark of the collector icon1.jpg  ????
Secret Treasure Legendary Secret treasure icon1.jpg  ????
Fireforged Valor Legendary Fireforged valor icon1.jpg  ????
The Corrupted Legendary The corrupted icon1.jpg  ????
Tainted Water Legendary Tainted water icon1.jpg  ????
Operation Babydog Legendary Operation babydog icon1.jpg  ????
Kit and Kaboodle Legendary Kit and kaboodle icon1.jpg  ????
Dance the Demons Away Legendary Dance the demons away icon1.jpg  ????
Ludomaniacal Legendary Ludomaniacal icon1.jpg  ????
Primeval Prime Legendary Primeval prime icon1.jpg  ????
Eye for an Eye Legendary Eye for an eye icon1.jpg  ????
Wish No More Legendary Wish no more icon1.jpg Complete the Last Wish Raid on Normal
Triumphalism Legendary Triumphalism icon1.jpg  ????
Castle in the Clouds Legendary Castle in the clouds icon1.jpg  ????
The Winding Tower Legendary The winding tower icon1.jpg  ????
Collapse of the Elders Legendary Collapse of the elders icon1.jpg  ????
Drifter's Scam Legendary Drifters scam icon1.jpg  ????
The Hollowed Lair Legendary The hollowed lair icon1.jpg  ????
Wing of the Crow Legendary Wing of the crow icon1.jpg  ????
Untangled Legendary Untangled icon1.jpg  ????
Techeun's Temple Legendary Techeuns temple icon1.jpg  ????
Sedia's Curse Legendary Sedias curse icon1.jpg  ????
Smoldering Flame Legendary Smoldering flame icon1.jpg  ????
Persistent Blaze Legendary Persistent blaze icon1.jpg  ????
Warden of Nothing Legendary Warden of nothing icon1.jpg  ????
After the Nightfall Legendary After the nightfall icon1.jpg  ????
Peace of the City Common Peace of the city icon1.jpg  ????
Sign of Our City Common Sign of our city icon1.jpg  ????
Black Skies Common Black skies icon1.jpg  ????
Circles Entwined Common Circles entwined icon1.jpg  ????
Songs of the Forsaken Common Songs of the forsaken icon1.jpg  ????
Pursuit of Dreams Common Pursuit of dreams icon1.jpg  ????
Answered Call Common Answered call icon1.jpg  ????
Sign of the Gambit Common Sign of the gambit icon1.jpg  ????
The Forsaken Common The forsaken icon1.jpg  ????
A Guardian's Heart Common A guardians heart icon1.jpg  ????
Journeyman Guide Legendary Journeyman guide icon1.jpg  ????
Apprentice Guide Legendary Apprentice guide icon1.jpg  ????
Vanguard Terminus Legendary Vanguard terminus icon1.jpg Reach Rank 25 with Commander Zavala in Season 4
Damage, Incorporated Legendary Damage, incorporated icon1.jpg  ????
Wish Granter Legendary Wish granter icon1.jpg  ????
A Cold Wind Blowin' Legendary A cold wind blowin icon1.jpg  ????

Warmind Emblems

Activate ESCALATIONActivate ESCALATION Icon.pngLegendary
Atop the SpireAtop the spire icon1.jpgLegendary
Data MineDataMine.jpgRare
Four Times a RulerFour times a ruler icon1.jpgLegendary
One Orbit RemainsOne orbit remains icon1.pngLegendary
Return Tyrant++Return Tyrant++ Icon.pngLegendary
Spire StarSpire Star.jpgLegendary
Visage of SkorriVisage of skorri icon1.jpgLegendary
Zero FutureZero future icon1.jpgLegendary

Curse of Osiris Emblems

Emblem Rarity Image Acquired By
Iron Hero Sigil Legendary Iron hero sigil icon1.jpg Play 30 Matches in the Iron Banner Crucible.
Fields of Glass Legendary FieldsOfGlass.jpg Obtained from Mercury faction engrams or after collecting 10 engrams from Brother Vance.
Infinite Possibilities Legendary Mercury treasure seeker icon1.jpg Rewarded from Mercury Loot Caches as a random drop.
Secrets of the Vex Rare Secrets of the vex icon1.jpg Rewarded when all Kairos Function (Mercury Planetary Set) armor is equipped on the Hunter class.
Vex Destroyer Rare Vex destroyer icon1.jpg Rewarded when all Kairos Function (Mercury Planetary Set) armor is equipped on the Titan class.
Hero of the Infinite Rare Hero of the infinite icon1.jpg Reward for Completion of Curse of Osiris DLC Campaign.
Legend of Saint-14 Rare Legend of saint-14 icon1.jpg Reward for Completion of "Legends Lost" Quest Mission.
Master Gardener Rare Master gardener icon1.jpg Reward for Completion of "Tree of Probabilities" Strike on Prestige when the Strike is the Weekly Featured Nightfall.
Crossroads Emblem Rare Crossroads emblem icon1.jpg Reward upon completion of first Heroic Public Event on Mercury.
Vex Scholar Rare Vex scholar icon1.jpg Rewarded when all Kairos Function (Mercury Planetary Set) armor is equipped on the Warlock class
Master Cartographer Rare Master cartographer icon1.jpg Reward for Completion of "A Garden World" Strike on Prestige when the Strike is the Weekly Featured Nightfall.
Transit of Mercury Legendary Transit of mercury icon1.jpg Reward for completion of a Heroic Adventure on Mercury.
Prophetic Arsenal Legendary Prophetic arsenal icon1.jpg Rewarded for completion of all Lost Prophecy weapons
Covetous Emperor Legendary Covetous emperor icon1.jpg Complete Eater of Worlds Raid Lair on Prestige
Emperor's Envy Legendary Emperors envy icon1.jpg Complete Eater of Worlds Raid Lair on Normal
Sigil of the New Monarch Legendary Sigil of the new monarch icon1.jpg Pledge allegiance to New Monarchy during season 2 Faction Rally
Escape This Dead Orbit Legendary Escape this dead orbit icon1.jpg Pledge allegiance to Dead Orbit during season 2 Faction Rally
Future War Cultist Legendary Future war cultist icon1.jpg Pledge allegiance to Future War Cult during season 2 Faction Rally
The Visionary Common TheVisionary.jpg Go to the Redemption Portal at Bungie and type in xfvkhpn97 to unlock the Visionary emblem. The code comes from the hidden morse code at the end of the comic. Once you have redeemed your code, go to the Vault and then Collections to see your new emblem.

Red War Emblems

Emblem Rarity Image Acquired By
A Guardian Rises Common A guardian rises icon1.jpg Given to players who have tried Destiny 2 on the Trial Version of the game.
Ace of Spades Rare Ace of spades icon1.jpg Random drop from Cayde-6 Treasure Maps.
Adventurous Spirit Rare Adventurous spirit icon1.jpg  ????
Against the Dark Rare Against the dark icon1.jpg Random drop from Cayde-6 Treasure Maps.
Arcology Interface Rare Arcology interface icon1.jpg Random drop from Cayde-6 Treasure Maps.
Aspect of Blood Common Aspect of blood icon1.jpg  ????
Aspect of Dust Common Aspect of dust icon1.jpg  ????
Aspect of Shadow Common Aspect of shadow icon1.jpg  ????
At the Vanguard Rare At the vanguard icon1.jpg Random drop from Vanguard Tactical (Faction) rewards.
Ballet Lover Rare Ballet lover icon1.jpg Random drop from Io (Faction) rewards.
Blade's Blast Legendary Blades blast icon1.jpg Upgrade either of the Icarus Dash or Phoenix Dive nodes in the Warlock Dawnblade subclass.
Breaker's Blaze Legendary Breakers blaze icon1.jpg Upgrade either of the Vulcan's Rage or Endless Siege nodes in the Titan Sunbreaker subclass.
Brick by Brick Common Brick by brick icon1.jpg Code given when buying a Destiny 2 MegaConstrux set that is $15 or more from Gamestop.
Battle Colors Legendary Battle colors icon1.jpg Pledge to Future War Cult during the Faction Rally event.
C-T-A-T-O-D-L Rare C-t-a-t-o-d-l icon1.jpg Random drop from Flashpoint Boss kills.
Cargo Bay Cross Rare Cargo bay cross icon1.jpg Random drop from Arcology (Faction) rewards.
Chasing Perfection Legendary Chasing perfection icon1.jpg Reward from The Emissary for achieving a 7-Win Ticket in the Trials of the Nine. Losses are permitted.
Commander Crest Common Commander crest icon1.jpg  ????
Confluence of Light Common Confluence of light icon1.jpg Redemption code distributed at GamesCom 2017 and Pax West 2017.
Coordinate Mathematics Rare Coordinate mathematics icon1.jpg Random drop from Cayde-6 Treasure Maps.
Cutting Edge Common Cutting edge icon1.jpg Buy the Destiny 2 Razer Deathadder Elite
Darkest Day Common Darkest day icon1.jpg Buy anything in the Bungie Store during Black Friday weekend 2017.
Dead Zone Camo Rare Dead zone camo icon1.jpg Random drop from The EDZ (Faction) rewards.
Embrace His Name Rare Embrace his name icon1.jpg Complete The Leviathan Raid.
Emperor's Shadows Common Emperors shadows icon1.jpg Included with Destiny 2 Limited Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, or Collector's Edition.
Exodus Access Rare Exodus access icon1.jpg Random drop from Nessus (Faction) rewards.
Felwinter Frost Legendary Felwinter frost icon1.jpg Guaranteed drop from first Iron Engram rewards during Iron Banner
Fight Forever Legendary Fight forever icon1.jpg Random drop from The Crucible (Faction) rewards.
Helping Hand Legendary Gather your fireteam icon1.jpg Run a Guided Game activity as a "Guide".
Ghost Board Rare Ghost board icon1.jpg Random drop from Cayde-6 Treasure Maps.
Give Them War Legendary Give them war icon1.jpg Random drop from The Crucible (Faction) rewards.
Glory to the Emperor Legendary Glory to the emperor icon1.jpg Complete The Leviathan Raid on Prestige difficulty.
Gone Hunting Rare Gone hunting icon1.jpg Currently unavailable.
Good Dog Rare Good dog icon1.jpg Leviathan raid - Pleasure Gardens (Challenge)
Hakke Upgrade Rare Hakke upgrade icon1.jpg Random drop from Gunsmith (Faction) rewards.
Heard the Call Common Heard the call icon1.jpg Owned The Taken King and completed all 8 Moments of Triumph during Year Two of Destiny.
Heart of the City Legendary Heart of the city icon1.jpg  ????
Hellspawn Common Hellspawn icon1.jpg Redemption code included with any of the three McFarlane Toys Official Destiny 2 figures (Cayde-6, Zavala and Ikora)
High-Risk, High-Reward Legendary High-risk, high-reward icon1.jpg Complete the Nightfall on Prestige difficulty.
Holy Ground Rare Holy ground icon1.jpg Random drop from Io (Faction) rewards.
Hunter's Hoard Rare Hunters hoard icon1.jpg Complete The Red War Story Missions as a Hunter
Hunter's Wit Common Hunters wit icon1.jpg Start the game as a Hunter.
In the Fire Common In the fire icon1.jpg  ????
Jacobson's Staff Rare Jacobsons staff icon1.jpg Random drop from Nessus (Faction) rewards.
Jade Rabbit Redux Rare Jade rabbit redux icon1.jpg Random drop from Cayde-6 Treasure Maps.
Kadi 55-30's Blessing Common Kadi 55-30s blessing icon1.jpg Reward for signing up to the newsletter on bungie.net
Kay's Command Rare Kays command icon1.jpg Random drop from The EDZ (Faction) rewards.
Laurea Prima II Common Laurea prima ii icon1.jpg Completed all 10 Moments of Triumph during Year One of Destiny.
Laurel Triumphant Common Laurel triumphant icon1.jpg Completed a Moment of Triumph during Year One of Destiny.
Lens of Fate Common Lens of fate icon1.jpg Distributed to Winners and Honorable Mentions of the "Movie of the Week" segment of each "This Week At Bungie" blog post.
Lore Scholar Common Lore scholar icon1.jpg Achieved a Grimoire score of 4,500 or more in Destiny before August 1, 2017.
Lost Sector of Earth Rare Lost sector of earth icon1.jpg Complete first Lost Sector in the EDZ.
Lost Sector of Io Rare Lost sector of io icon1.jpg Complete first Lost Sector on Io.
Lost Sector of Nessus Rare Lost sector of nessus icon1.jpg Complete first Lost Sector on Nessus.
Lost Sector of Titan Rare Lost sector of titan icon1.jpg Complete first Lost Sector on Titan (Location).
Make Us Proud Rare Make us proud icon1.jpg Random drop from Vanguard Tactical (Faction) rewards.
Mentor of Light Legendary Mentor of light icon1.jpg Reward for guiding a Trial Player through a Campaign Mission or Crucible Match.
Meridian of Destiny Common Meridian of destiny icon1.jpg Redemption code included with Destiny 2 Black Tricorn pin first sold at PAX West 2017. Available in the Bungie Store after the convention.
New Pacific Access Rare New pacific access icon1.jpg Random drop from Arcology (Faction) rewards.
Officer Crest Common Officer crest icon1.jpg  ????
Omolon Upgrade Rare Omolon upgrade icon1.jpg Random drop from Gunsmith (Faction) rewards.
One Path to Victory Legendary One path to victory icon1.jpg Random drop from The Crucible (Faction) rewards.
Order of Assassins Common File:Order of assassins icon1.jpg  ????
Planet of Peace Legendary Planet of peace icon1.jpg Redemption code included with Destiny 2 Bungie Foundation Collectible Pin. Available in the Bungie Store.
Push Forward Rare Push forward icon1.jpg Random drop from Vanguard Tactical (Faction) rewards.
Rally the Flag Legendary Rally the flag icon1.jpg Complete a Heroic Public Event.
Red Legion Aegis Rare Red legion aegis icon1.jpg Random drop from Vanguard Research (Faction) rewards.
Red Legion Logistics Rare Red legion logistics icon1.jpg Random drop from Vanguard Research (Faction) rewards.
Regency Legendary Regency icon1.jpg Pledge to New Monarchy during the Faction Rally event.
Resonant Chord Common Resonant chord icon1.jpg Redemption code included with Destiny 2 Original Soundtrack Digital Edition. Available in the Bungie Store.
Rune of the Adept Common Rune of the adept icon1.jpg  ????
Rune of the Disciple Common Rune of the disciple icon1.jpg  ????
Rune of the Oracle Common Rune of the oracle icon1.jpg  ????
Saladin's Pride Common Saladins pride icon1.jpg Owned Rise of Iron and reached Rank 7 in the Age of Triumph record book in Destiny before August 1, 2017.
Sentinel's Shove Legendary Sentinels shove icon1.jpg Upgrade either of the Ward of Dawn or Second Shield nodes in the Titan Sentinel subclass.
Shades of Radegast Legendary Shades of radegast icon1.jpg Reward for completing the Milestone "Iron Banner: Season 1".
Sign of Mutual Combat Common Sign of mutual combat icon1.jpg Distributed to winners of a Bungie Bounty.
Silicon Frontier Common Silicon frontier icon1.jpg  ????
Slayer of Oryx Common Slayer of oryx icon1.jpg Owned The Taken King and completed a Moment of Triumph during Year 2 of Destiny.
Slinger's Sight Legendary Slingers sight icon1.jpg Upgrade either of the Six-shooter or Line 'Em Up nodes in the Hunter Gunslinger subclass.
Solarium Yellow Rare Solarium yellow icon1.jpg Random drop from Arcology (Faction) rewards.
Spark of the Machine Rare Spark of the machine icon1.jpg Random drop from Cayde-6 Treasure Maps.
Splish Splash Rare Splish splash icon1.jpg Leviathan raid - Bath House (Challenge)
Stalker's Shot Legendary Stalkers shot icon1.jpg Upgrade either of the Vanishing Step or Moebius Quiver nodes in the Hunter Nightstalker subclass.
Stand Together Common Stand together icon1.jpg Redemption code included with the purchase of any item on the Bungie Store starting on 09/05/2017 and ending on 10/31/2017 at 11:59PM PST.
Storm's Surge Legendary Storms surge icon1.jpg Upgrade either of the Ionic Blink or Arc Soul nodes in the Warlock Stormcaller subclass.
Strider's Slash Legendary Striders slash icon1.jpg Upgrade either of the Lethal Current or Lightning Reflexes nodes in the Hunter Arcstrider subclass.
Striker's Slam Legendary Strikers slam icon1.jpg Upgrade either of the Terminal Velocity or Trample nodes in the Titan Striker subclass.
SUROS Upgrade Rare Suros upgrade icon1.jpg Random drop from Gunsmith (Faction) rewards.
Symposium Shield Common Symposium shield icon1.jpg Distribution exclusive to bungie.net Forum Ninjas.
Tangled Anchor Rare Tangled anchor icon1.jpg Random drop from Nessus (Faction) rewards.
Take the Throne Rare Take the throne icon1.jpg Leviathan raid - Calus (Challenge)
Telstar Graphics Rare Telstar graphics icon1.jpg Random drop from Cayde-6 Treasure Maps.
The Consensus Common The consensus icon1.jpg This emblem is given during a sponsorship to Micromania in France between November 20 2017 and December 20 2017.
The First Wave Common The first wave icon1.jpg This emblem was given to players that participated in the Destiny 2 Beta. It can be claimed from the collections tab of the Vault by those that participated in the Beta and is unavailable to anyone that didn't.
Titan's Pride Common Titans pride icon1.jpg Start the game as Titan.
Titan's Triumph Rare Titans triumph icon1.jpg Complete The Red War Story Missions as a Titan
Total Eclipse Legendary Total eclipse icon1.jpg Pledge to Dead Orbit during the Faction Rally event.
Traveler's Flight Rare Travelers flight icon1.jpg Random drop from Io (Faction) rewards.
Trostland Terminus Rare Trostland terminus icon1.jpg Random drop from The EDZ (Faction) rewards.
Try the Special Rare Try the special icon1.jpg Random drop from Cayde-6 Treasure Maps.
Two Enter, One Leaves Rare Two enter, one leaves icon1.jpg Leviathan raid - The Gauntlet (Challenge)
VEIST Upgrade Rare Veist upgrade icon1.jpg Random drop from Gunsmith (Faction) rewards.
Veteran Crest Common Veteran crest icon1.jpg  ????
Vigilant Console Common Vigilant console icon1.jpg  ????
Walker's Warp Legendary Walkers warp icon1.jpg Upgrade either of the Cataclysm or Vortex nodes in the Warlock Voidwalker subclass.
WAR Vault 5 Rare War vault 5 icon1.jpg Random drop from Vanguard Research (Faction) rewards.
Warlock's Flight Common Warlocks flight icon1.jpg Start the game as Warlock.
Warlock's Wisdom Rare Warlocks wisdom icon1.jpg Complete The Red War Story Missions as a Warlock.
Way of the Wolf Rare Way of the wolf icon1.jpg Random drop from Cayde-6 Treasure Maps.
Wish-Granter Legendary Wish-granter icon1.jpg  ????
Young Wolf Common Young wolf icon1.jpg Owned Rise of Iron and reached Rank 2 in the Age of Triumph record book in Destiny before August 1, 2017.
You Are Worthy Legendary You are worthy icon1.jpg Reward from The Emissary for achieving a Flawless Ticket (7-0) in the Trials of the Nine.