Icarus Dash

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Icarus Dash
Icarus dash icon1.png
Class [[Warlock]]
Subclass [[Dawnblade]]
Tree Attunement of Sky
Type Movement
Radius 5m
Cooldown 5s
Description Activate while midair to dodge twice.
Key Bind Air Move

Icarus Dash is a Dawnblade movement ability.

While airborne, activate to dash in the target horizontal movement over 1 second (defaults to backwards), resetting vertical momentum. While dashing, the movement can be steered with the camera facing.

This ability can be cast a second time after 0.5 seconds. Cooldown starts on the last cast and does not lock out the second dash.


  • A melee attack can be cast mid-dash to cancel the dash early.
  • A sound will indicate if attempting to cast while on ground. Icarus Dash can still be cast within 0.2s of an invalid cast (e.g. Cast on ground, then jump).
  • The user will glow to indicate a movement buff.

Patch History

  • BUG FIX: Fixed an issue in which the cooldown was interfering with the Daybreak dodge.
Version/2.7.0 — Attunement of Sky Rework
  • Now has two dodges per 5 seconds.
  • Dodge now has a slight upward velocity.
  • Dodge in super is now one long dodge per second.