The Dawning

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The Dawning
The Dawning is a Live Event in Destiny 2.


The Dawning is a winter celebration that begins in December and ends in January. During this time Eva Levante is back in the Tower to offer the players seasonal quest and bounties.

During this event, the players receive Eva's Holiday Oven, which is used to bake cookies that can be given to various characters in exchange for a gift. Cookie ingredients are obtained by defeating certain enemies in specific ways and completing activities.

While this event is active the players can pick up lanterns (big shiny balls) to run around with, or make snowballs to throw at other players. Both can be obtained and used only in the Tower.

The First Dawning

The first Dawning in Destiny 2 took place in December 2017. During this event the players made gifts for characters instead of baking cookies. To make a gift, the player had to obtain a Schematic from a pile of presents next to Ikora Rey in the Tower, then complete a specific objective. Turning in the gifts would reward the player with A Gift in Return.

While this first Dawning was active, snowballs could be found in strikes and patrol zones.

List of Events

Holiday Oven

Eva's Holiday Oven (2018) and Eva's Holiday Oven 2.0 (2019) are obtained during the event introduction quest. Eva also gives the players some ingredients and sends them to bake Gjallardoodles for Zavala.

The rest of the cookie recipes are undiscovered until the player bakes these cookies. Baking something that is not on the recipe list, either discovered or not, will produce Burnt Edge Transits, which can be given to Master Rahool. Baking all of the cookies at least once will unlock the Masterwork for the Holiday Oven, which reduces the amount of Essence of Dawning needed to bake each cookie from 15 to 10.

The cookies are baked using special materials which can be obtained only during the Dawning by defeating certain enemies in specific ways. In 2018, the recipes required a certain amount of ingredients. In 2019, the player just needs one of each to bake a cookie, with the exception of the Essence of Dawning.


Name Vendor Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Gjallardoodles Zavala Ether Cane Delicious Explosion
Traveler Donut Holes Ikora Rey Cabal Oil Flash of Inspiration
Chocolate Ship Cookies Amanda Holliday Cabal Oil Null Taste
Telemetry Tapioca Banshee-44 Vex Milk Bullet Spray
Eliksni Birdseed Suraya Hawthorne Ether Cane Personal Touch
Gentleman's Shortbread Devrim Kay Ether Cane Perfect Taste
Infinite Forest Cake Failsafe Vex Milk Impossible Heat
Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Eris Morn Chitin Powder Finishing Touch
Vanilla Blades Lord Shaxx Cabal Oil Sharp Flavor
Dark Chocolate Motes The Drifter Taken Butter Null Taste
Candy Dead Ghosts Spider Dark Ether Cane Flash of Inspiration
Ill-Fortune Cookies Petra Venj Dark Ether Cane Impossible Heat
Strange Cookies Xûr Taken Butter Electric Flavor
Thousand-Layer Cookie Riven Taken Butter Delicious Explosion
Lavender Ribbon Cookies Saint-14 Vex Milk Personal Touch
Classic Butter Cookies Eva Levante Taken Butter Superb Texture
Bright-Dusted Snowballs Tess Everis Chitin Powder Multifaceted Flavors
Blueberry Crumblers Shaw Han Ether Cane Bullet Spray
Etheric Coldsnaps Variks the Loyal Chitin Powder Electric Flavor
Bittersweet Biscotti The Crow Dark Ether Cane Balanced Flavors
Burnt Edge Transits Master Rahool Any other combination of ingredients


Name Vendor Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Alkane Dragée Cookies Sloane Chitin Powder Bullet Spray
Radiolarian Pudding Asher Mir Vex Milk Electric Flavor
Hot Crossfire Buns Ada-1 Ether Cane Balanced Flavors
Javelin Mooncake Ana Bray Chitin Powder Sharp Flavor
Fractal Rolls Brother Vance Vex Milk Pinch of Light
Fried Sha-Dough Visage of Calus Dark Ether Cane Superb Texture
Hackberry Tart Benedict 99-40 Cabal Oil Multifaceted Flavors


MaterialRarityAcquired by
Balanced FlavorsRareKill enemies with Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Pulse Rifles, and Combat Bows
Bullet SprayRareKill enemies with Submachine Guns, Auto Rifles and Machine Guns
Cabal OilUncommonKilling Cabal enemies
Chitin PowderUncommonKilling Hive enemies
Dark Ether CaneUncommonKilling Scorn enemies
Dark FrostingRareKill enemies with Stasis damage
Delicious ExplosionRareKill enemies with Grenades, Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers
Electric FlavorRareKill enemies with Arc weapons or abilities
Essence of DawningRarePerforming activities during The Dawning
Ether CaneUncommonKilling Fallen enemies
Finishing TouchRareKill enemies with Finishers
Flash of InspirationRareGenerate Orbs of Light
Impossible HeatRareKill enemies with Solar weapons or abilities
Multifaceted FlavorsRareMultikills
Null TasteRareKill enemies with Void weapons or abilities
Perfect TasteRareKill enemies with Precision Damage
Personal TouchRareKill enemies with Melee
Pinch of LightRareCollect Orbs of Light
Sharp FlavorRareKill enemies with Swords or Glaives
Superb TextureRareKill enemies with Supers
Taken ButterUncommonKilling Taken enemies
Vex MilkUncommonKilling Vex enemies

Essence of Dawning

Activity Amount
Patrols 1-3
Public Events 5
Challenges 5
Crucible 11-12
Nightfall and playlist Strikes 15-19
Non-playlist Strikes 6-9
Gambit 17-22
Raids 1
The Blind Well Tier III 8
Heroic Blind Well 10
Wrathborn Hunt Tier I 10
Wrathborn Hunt Tier II 15

Event content




Weapon and Armor




Weapon and Armor




Weapons and Armor




Weapons and Armor



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