Devrim Kay

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Devrim Kay
Devrim Kay.PNG
Name Devrim Kay
Title Dead Zone Scout
Race Human
Gender Male
Location European Dead Zone
Description Ever the gentleman sniper, Devrim Kay holds fast in the wilds of the EDZ.

Devrim Kay is the vendor of the European Dead Zone.


  • Trostland, EDZ — on the top floor of the church in front of the landing zone.


Devrim accepts Dusklight Shards in exchange for EDZ Engrams, which contain EDZ armor and a selection of Legendary weapons. He also sells EDZ armor and a single random weapon (changes weekly), but players can buy them only after claiming a certain amount of his Engrams. Claiming 2 Engrams unlocks the Class Item, 4 Engrams unlock Leg Armor, 6 Engrams for Gauntlets, 8 Engrams for Chest Armor and 10 for Helmet and weapon.


Devrim offers three daily bounties.


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