Wildwood Cloak

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Wildwood Cloak
Wildwood cloak icon1.jpg
Type Hunter Cloak
Class Hunter
Rarity Legendary
Description Devrim Kay fashioned the pattern for these Guardian armor suits.
EDZ Engrams.

Wildwood Cloak is a Legendary Hunter Cloak.

How to Obtain



Right, well... I'm afraid you won't get far with that attitude. Hawthorne doesn't care about that "Trials of Osiris" rubbish. Gilded armor can't feed hungry refugees. And don't go nattering on with that "Guardian" business either, not where she can hear you. There are no "Guardians" out here. To her, anyone that can pick up a gun and shoot is a "Guardian."

I know you're new here. You've done a lot, seen a lot. And I know Hawthorne can be a bit rough around the edges, eh? But listen to her. What she says is sound: "Look out for each other. Don't do anything stupid. Pitch in where you can." She's not claiming to be one of your Vanguard. She is simply doing what she feels is her duty-defending those under her protection until all are safe and we can rebuild what we've lost.


Wildwood Cloak1.jpg

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