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Location Earth
Zone EDZ
Landing Zone Yes
Adventures A Frame Job, Supply and Demand
Lost Sectors Widow's Walk, Atrium, Terminus East
World Quests Enhance!
Fallen Enemy Groups 4
Chests Yes
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 8
Region Chests 2
Scannable Objects 4
Connections Outskirts, Salt Mines, Maevic Square
Vendors Devrim Kay
Trostland is a Sector in EDZ, Earth.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to Outskirts: This winding road on the western edge of the Sector will lead players to the Outskirts Sector. Look out for the region chests and Adventure beacon nearby.
  • Exit to Salt Mines: Opposite the northern exit from the Church, players can find the way towards the Salt Mines. There are also some Fallen enemies, guarding the way through.
  • Exit to Maevic Square: Heading east from the Church, players will find an alley that leads toward Maevic Square (through some ruined buildings).
  • Church: This is the main area of interest in the Sector. Inside the Church, players can take shelter from the battles outside and talk to Devrim Kay in the bell tower. There is also an entrance to a Lost Sector inside the Church.
  • Graveyard: This area can be found just across the street from the church. Its southern edge ends with a deadly drop into a bottomless pit. This small area is full of Fallen enemies and can sometimes feature Cabal during Public Events.

Lost Sectors

  • Widow's Walk: Just northwest of the church, across the street, players can find the entrance to this Lost Sector. It consists of a handful of connected rooms with two clusters of Fallen. Killing the Sub-Boss Captain will award players with a Boss Chest.
  • Atrium: The entrance to this Lost Sector is inside the Church itself. It will take players through a few short corridors that end inside two connected rooms. After eliminating two clusters of Fallen and a Sub-Boss Captain, players can collect the Boss Chest and return to the surface.
  • Terminus East: Near the northeast corner of the map, players will find the entrance to this Lost Sector. Inside, players will find a small enclosed area with two groups of Fallen and a Captain Sub-Boss. Clearing the Lost Sector will award players with a Boss Chest.


Public Events



Region Chests

  • Just north of the road towards Outskirts, there is a multi-floor building that players can enter. On the upper floor, there is a region chest.
  • South of the road to Outskirts, near the very edge of the Sector, players can find a region chest tucked away behind some ivy.

Scannable Objects

  • Just across the street from the western exit from the Church, there is a net with some orbs inside it. It is hanging from one of the buildings and it is a scannable object.
  • On the eastern end of the Graveyard, there is a ruined semi-truck. Inside it, there is a box that is a scannable object.
  • Slightly northeast of the Graveyard, there is a scannable object on the upper floor of one of the buildings.
  • East of the Graveyard, between the two buildings, players will find a scannable object.