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EDZ Outskirts, Trostland, The Sludge, The Gulch, Firebase Hades, Sunken Isles
Titan Siren's Watch, The Rig
Nessus The Tangle, Watcher's Grave, Hallows, Glade of Echoes, Exodus Black
Io Lost Oasis, Giant's Scar
Enemy Types All
Description “The enemy is moving against each other”
Skirmish is a Secret Public Event.


This event occurs at 26 different locations in the game. It spawns two enemy Combatants that attack each other and respawn continuously. The more the event progresses, the tougher the enemies will be.

Players can choose to attack the two foes or not to interfere and just watch the battle.


Regular loot dropped by the Combatants.

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