The Tangle

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The Tangle
Location Nessus
Zone Arcadian Valley
Landing Zone No
Adventures Release, The Vex Trial
Lost Sectors Ancient's Haunt
Vex Enemy Groups 7
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 11
Public Events Glimmer Extraction, Spire Integration
Secret Public Events Skirmish, Vex Cannon: Launchers
Region Chests 3
Scannable Objects 5
Connections Watcher's Grave, The Mists, Well of Echoes, Chamber of Stone, Artifact's Edge
The Tangle is a Sector in Arcadian Valley, Nessus.

Points of Interest


  • Road Junction: This junction in the southeast portion of the Sector is the focal point of all roads in The Tangle. Therefore, it is one of the main landmarks.
  • Exit to Watcher's Grave: This can be found on the northeast corner of the Sector.
  • Exit to The Conflux: This is located directly southeast of the Road Junction.
  • Entrance to The Mists: The Tangle holds the only way in and out of The Mists Sector. In order to find it, you must head into the crevasse and locate the orange Vex wall with a small opening in it. Cross it to enter The Mists.
  • Entrance to Well of Echoes: The far southwest end of the Sector holds an entrance towards the Well of Echoes Sector.
  • Entrance to Chamber of Stone: On the southern edge of the Sector, players can find the only way in and out of the Chamber of Stone. It is a well-guarded Vex teleporter.
  • Exit to Artifact's Edge: This is the first exit players will encounter when they head northeast of the Road Junction.
  • Northeastern Crevasse Entrance: You can either use this point to the southwest to enter the crevasse or jump down into it from any ledge that borders the crevasse itself.
  • Southern Crevasse Entrance: This is located in the middle of the southern end of the Sector. You can use it to enter the crevasse or you can look for a suitable ledge to jump down from instead.
  • Tree Bridge: This allows you to easily cross the crevasse and head towards the Lost Sector in the area without having to take the scenic route.
  • Hydra's Lair: This location in the northern section of the Sector is the only place in The Tangle that is guaranteed to spawn a Hydra.
  • Pond: The main road in the Sector makes a U-turn around a pond in the southwestern portion of The Tangle. Expect heavy Vex presence around that bend.
  • Mighty Tree: Between the central point of the Sector and the Pond to the southwest, there is a Mighty Tree that players can climb to make reaching higher portions of this area easier.
  • Mighty Trees: In the northeastern part of the map, there are a couple of gigantic trees that players can climb. This will allow easier access to high portions of the Sector's perimeter.

Lost Sectors

  • Ancient's Haunt: On the western edge of the Sector, directly north of the Pond, players will find a small tunnel that will lead them into this Lost Sector. It is guarded by two groups of Vex. The cannon fodder consists of Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Harpies. The Hydra sub-boss drops a Boss Chest.


Public Events



Region Chests

  • A region chest can be found by climbing the Mighty Tree in the southeast portion of the Sector. The chest will be on one of its branches.
  • One region chest is located above the northern crevasse entrance.
  • There is a Vex tower near the Hydra lair in the northern portion of the Sector. Halfway up that tower, a region chest can be found.

Scannable Objects

  • A scannable object is being kept safe by the Hydra near its lair. It is located on top of a relatively-low Vex stalagmite.
  • Near the northern crevasse entrance, opposite the region chest there, a scannable object can be found.
  • In between the two mighty trees to the northeast, there is a Vex column with the remains of a Vex Goblin on top. The dead Goblin is a scannable object.
  • Just west of the entrance to Chamber of Stone, players can climb up and scan a Vex wall.
  • Just east of the entrance to Chamber of Stone, a scannable object can be found. Players might have to climb a bit to reach it.


  • There are plenty of Vex in this Sector. Be on the lookout for the usual low-tier enemies, but also keep your eyes open for Hydras, as they also make an appearance here.
  • Fallen might spawn in during Public Events. However, you can largely ignore them if you don't want to take part in the events themselves.