Lost Crew

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Lost Crew
Type Adventures
Number 03
Location The Tangle, Nessus
Recommended Power 90
Description Help Failsafe find two long-lost members of her crew.
Enemy Types Vex
Prerequisite Speak to Failsafe after completing the Story Mission Six.
Previous Ghost in the Machine
Next Release
Items Ability Unlock
Lost Crew is an Adventure in Nessus.


Recommended Power: 90

Equipment Recommendations:

  • You will be dealing with a lot of Vex forces. Prioritize rapid-firing and crowd control equipment.


Your first order of business is to kill Vex units within The Tangle until something called a Vex Data Core drops. Pick it up, then make your way to a nearby conflux. Let Ghost hack it and stand your ground. You will have to protect the conflux and your position will be attacked by Goblins, Hobgoblins, Fanatics, and Minotaurs. Keep moving, but stay close to the conflux. Otherwise, progress will be halted.

Once the objective progress reaches 100% and you clear the area of any remaining Vex, you are free to move on to the next objective. Follow a Vex cube to a set of floating platforms that materialized in the Tangle. There are three Data Modules on the floating platforms. Navigate across the disappearing platforms and access all three. Don't worry too much about falling down - you can climb back up to the platforms and try again.

Once you are done, follow the Vex cube again into a Vex portal that leads to the Chamber of Stone. Keep in mind that for the duration of the Adventure, the Chamber of Stone will be a Restricted Zone.

The rest of the adventure is all about combat. In the first room you enter, you will have to deal with two waves of Vex forces (Goblins and Hobgoblins). The second wave will feature an Elite Hydra called a Vex Warden, which you should leave for last. When the Hydra dies, an energy barrier will drop, revealing the way forward.

In the second room that is now accessible, you will have a similar encounter. Two waves of Vex enemies (Goblins, Harpies, and Fanatics), the second of which will come with a Major Hydra, also called a Vex Warden. When the battle ends, you can investigate for the Exodus Black crew member that should be in your immediate vicinity. Once you find him, the Adventure will be completed.