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Type Adventures
Number 04
Location The Tangle, Nessus
Recommended Power 90
Description The Vex are trapping the Fallen in a cave nearby.
Enemy Types Vex
Prerequisite Speak to Failsafe after completing the Story Mission Six.
Previous The Vex Trial
Next Invitation from the Emperor
Equipment Unethical Experiments Mark / Cloak / Bond, Rare Gear
Release is an Adventure in Nessus.


Recommended Power: 90

Equipment Recommendations:

  • Bring equipment suitable for close-quarter combat.
  • There will be both Vex and Fallen enemies present, so bring a Void and an Arc-based weapon.


Once you start the adventure, your first order of business is to venture into the nearby cave towards The Mists sector. Keep in mind that you will be entering a Restricted Zone right off the bat.

In the first chamber, note the imprisoned Fallen forces, as you will have to eliminate them a little later. For now, there will be a trio of Minotaurs to deal with. Once they're down, the first cage will open, freeing the Servitor it used to hold. Also, a group of Dregs and a Captain will invade your position, as well as one more Minotaur. Focus on the Servitor first before it links with any other Fallen, then neutralize the lesser foes before focusing on the Captain and Minotaur.

Next up, you will have to head through a narrow corridor that's guarded by a Minotaur. Deal with this threat and press on to another chamber with three more energy cages. There will also be three Minotaur guards, each one linked to a cage. Killing the corresponding Minotaur will drop the energy cage and let the Fallen inside it loose.

Pick off the Minotaurs one at a time, starting with the nearest one. This will unlock his cage and you will have to wipe the Fallen that it used to hold. Then, pick the second Minotaur and deal with his prisoners before moving on to the third one and repeating the process.

Next up, you will have to deal with a couple of massive Minotaurs, designated as Wardens. Make sure you only engage one of them and focus on him, ignoring his reinforcements. If the number of enemies becomes overwhelming, feel free to thin their lines down and continuing your fight with the Warden afterward.

When the first Warden drops, the second will leap across and engage you, bringing his own reinforcements. Simply repeat what you did with the first one.

The Wardens are the final encounter for this Adventure, so feel free to use your offensive abilities, grenades, and whatever else you might have at your disposal.

With the second Warden down, follow your objective marker to a nearby altar room with a Vex conflux. Interact with the conflux to trigger a dialog with Ghost and Failsafe and end the Adventure.