Deep Conversation

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Deep Conversation
Type Adventures
Number 02
Location Artifact's Edge, Nessus
Recommended Power 90
Description Failsafe has a plan to retrieve Vex data. But she'll need Ghost's help.
Enemy Types Vex
Bosses Network Mind (Major Hydra)
Prerequisite Speak to Failsafe after completing the Story Mission Six.
Previous Unbreakable
Next Lost Crew
Items Ability Unlock
Deep Conversation is an Adventure in Nessus.


Recommended Power: 90

Equipment Recommendations:

  • Long-range weapons are recommended, since cover will be scarce.
  • A rocket launcher would help in the final confrontation.


Once you start the Adventure, three large floating platforms will appear in the central chasm of Artifact's Edge. To proceed, jump to all of them and scan their caches one by one. Watch out for the electrical defense mechanism - it is active on one platform at a time, but switches to another platform in a clockwise fashion after a short time. After the third scan, quickly jump to solid ground. Otherwise, you will fall to your death when the platforms vanish.

Next up, three more cache platforms and a bunch of other Vex platforms will appear around the energy elevator. Jump on one of them and scan it. This will spawn some Vex forces on a nearby platform. Eliminate them all and collect the data they drop in order to gain access to the next cache. Continue working your way up the platforms, evading the electrical defense mechanism as needed, and collecting data until the objective is complete.

Upon finishing a scan of the third cache platform, a Network Mind (a Major Hydra) will spawn. Each time it loses a third of its health, one of the nearby platforms will fill up with Vex again. Make sure to clear the lesser foes, then focus on the Mind once more. Otherwise, you might get overwhelmed.

Make sure you fight the Mind from a safe distance. It does significant damage and the platform it is on has no cover you can use. Engage from as far as possible and throw everything you have at it.

Once the Mind is down, the adventure is complete.