Artifact's Edge

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Artifact's Edge
Location Nessus
Zone Arcadian Valley
Landing Zone Yes
Adventures The Disruptor Core, Ghost in the Machine
Lost Sectors The Orrery
Vex Enemy Groups 2
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 4
Public Events Cabal Excavation
Secret Public Events Ambush, Jailbreak
Region Chests 3
Scannable Objects 1
Connections The Tangle, Hallows
Artifact's Edge is a Sector in Arcadian Valley, Nessus.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to The Tangle: This can be found on the west side of the Sector.
  • Exit to Hallows: To the east, players can find the way to the Hallows Sector.
  • Crash Site: Located in the dead-end southern area, the crash site is an objective location during the Story Missions. It is the first story objective on Nessus. Near it, players can find a region chest and a small alcove with a scannable object.
  • Energy Elevator: This structure will provide a safe way to and from the top of the structure where the Sector's landing zone is located.
  • Upper Plateau and Curved Alcove: Just to the northeast of the Landing Zone, this area will hold the majority of the Vex forces in this Sector. Expect a couple of Minotaurs, backed up by a handful of Goblins and one or two Hobgoblins each.
  • Rocky Junction: This junction is the center point of the Sector. It connects the exits towards The Tangle and Hallows with the crashed ship to the south.

Lost Sectors

  • The Orrery: The entrance of this Lost Sector can be found to the north of the Landing Zone, near the Curved Alcove. It is a small encounter with just a couple of large Vex clusters. The sub-boss is a toughened Minotaur and it will drop a Boss Chest.


Public Events



Region Chests

  • One region chest can be found almost straight north of the Landing Zone. It is hidden behind a low plateau rock.
  • A region chest can be found midway between the Crash Site and the Rocky Junction. It is partially hidden behind a white cubic rock.
  • A region chest can be located directly west of the Crash Site, near the edge of the bottomless pit. It is on the golden Vex-like structure there.

Scannable Objects

  • One scannable object can be found in a tiny alcove on the west end of the Sector. You can find it to the northeast of the crashed ship.


  • The Vex are present in this area in small numbers. Expect a handful of Minotaurs, backed up by several Goblins and one or two Hobgoblins each. Several Harpies can also be encountered.
  • During the Cabal Excavation Public Event, large amounts of Cabal will spawn near the exit to Hallows. However, you can ignore them if you are not taking part in the event because they will be focusing on the players around the event's objective.