Cabal Excavation

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Cabal Excavation on Nessus
I've spotted another Cabal mining expedition. Guardian, you know the drill.
—Devrim Kay, Cabal Excavation

Cabal Excavation is a Public Event added in Red War.



Winding Cove
Artifact's Edge


Lost Oasis The Rupture


A mining lander drops from the sky into the event area, protected by Cabal troops. Players have to stay close to the drill to override it, which completes the event. The lander can be captured faster with more people overriding it. Guardians participating in this event also have to avoid missile strikes, their blast areas are indicated with red circles.

This event has a Heroic version, which requires the players to summon and kill a boss. To complete the Heroic version, the override progress reaches about 30%, at which, a Thresher gunship spawns and circles the event area several times. Destroying it makes the event Heroic and spawns Excavator Valus, a Colossus. Defeating it completes the event. The mining lander does not have to be captured to complete the Heroic event.