Lost Oasis

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Lost Oasis
Location Io
Zone Echo Mesa
Landing Zone Yes
Adventures Ascendant, Experiment 7X, Conversion Process
Lost Sectors Grove of Ulan-Tan
World Quests Dynasty
Taken Enemy Groups 11
Chests Yes
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 6
Public Events Cabal Excavation, Taken Blight
Secret Public Events High-Value Target, Skirmish, Vex Cannon: Launchers
Region Chests 3
Scannable Objects 4
Connections Terrabase Charon, The Rupture, Giant's Scar, Spine Burrows
Lost Oasis is a Sector in Echo Mesa, Io.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to Terrabase Charon: The main road narrows down when it gets to the northern end of the Sector. This narrower road leads towards Terrabase Charon.
  • Exit to The Rupture (North): The southwestern end of the Main Mesa Road leads to the road to The Rupture.
  • Exit to The Rupture (South): The southern end of the Eastern Road leads to The Rupture.
  • Exit to Giant's Scar: The southeastern corner of this Sector holds the road towards Giant's Scar.
  • Exit to Spine Burrows: A cave tunnel on the eastern edge of this Sector leads to the Spine Burrows sector.
  • Main Mesa Road: This is the main road that runs from the Exit to Terrabase Charon to Exit to The Rupture. It crosses the entire Sector diagonally.
  • Eastern Road: This is the road that runs from the Main Mesa Road (near the exit to Terrabase Charon) and goes south. The Tree Log Ramp is part of this road and it runs through the entire southeastern half of the Sector.
  • Main Mesa Plateau: The central area of this Sector is taken by this plateau. Several Public Events can occur there. There are also clusters of Taken enemies and a region chest in the area.
  • Mesa Tunnel Entrance (West): One of the entrances to the Mesa Tunnel below this Sector can be found west of the Main Mesa Plateau, under a giant tree.
  • Mesa Tunnel Entrance (East): The second entrance is on the exact opposite side of the first, once again under a giant tree. This area also features a secondary road that connects to the Main Mesa Road.
  • Dead Tree: There is a giant dead tree on the eastern edge of the Sector, straight south from the Exit to Spine Burrows. The tree features a couple of entrances players can take to go inside the hollow trunk. There, they can find a region chest, a scannable object, and some Taken enemies.
  • Giant Tree Hole: In the northern end of the Sector, players can find a hole in the cliff face that will lead them to the remains of a giant tree. Just outside that hole, players can find an Adventure marker. Also, an upper tunnel will lead players west to a scannable object.
  • Waterlogged Gorge: Northeast of the Landing Zone, players can find the Waterlogged Gorge. In this area, they can find the entrance to a Lost Sector.
  • Tree Log Ramp: This hollow tree trunk is located just east of the main road that runs through the Sector. To the east of it, players can find a scannable object, and on the west - a cluster of Taken enemies.
  • West Cliffs: This is the area just west of the main road and just north of the exit to The Rupture. Its western edge leads to a deadly drop, but in the area, players can find a region chest.
  • South Cave Alcove: On the southern edge of the Sector, players can find a small cave between the two main roads. It may or may not have an enemy chest inside.

Lost Sectors

  • Grove of Ulan-Tan: This is a rather large Lost Sector. It consists of five chambers, each containing a cluster of Vex enemies. Destroying the Sub-Boss Minotaur will award players with a Boss Chest.


  • Ascendant: The marker of this Adventure can be found in the northern section of the Sector, near the road to Terrabase Charon.
  • Experiment 7X: The beacon for this Adventure is positioned straight north of the Landing Zone and south of the entrance to the Lost Sector.
  • Conversion Process: This Adventure can be started from a beacon just north of the Dead Tree in the eastern section of the Sector.

Public Events



Region Chests

  • Just north of the western exit to The Rupture, players can find a region chest in a cave to the west.
  • Inside the tunnels under the Main Mesa Plateau, players can find a region chest. It is located at the eastern end of the tunnels.
  • Inside the giant Dead Tree on the eastern side of the Sector, there is a region chest halfway up the hollow trunk.

Scannable Objects

  • A scannable object can be found in the northern portion of the Sector, near the exit to Terrabase Charon. It is located on a small ledge just outside a giant tree.
  • Just east of the Tree Log Ramp, players can find a scannable object.
  • There is a small cavern just by the Eastern Road, slightly south of the Tree Log Ramp. Inside, there is a scannable object.
  • Inside the giant Dead Tree on the eastern side of the Sector, there is a scannable object at the top.


  • The entire Sector is crawling with various Taken enemies.
  • Inside the Lost Sector, players will encounter some Vex resistance.