Vex Cannon: Launchers

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Vex Cannon: Launchers
EDZ None
Titan None
Nessus The Tangle, The Cistern
Io Lost Oasis
Mercury The Lighthouse
Enemy Types Vex
Description “Launch through the sky to pursue a series of powerful Vex enemies”
Vex Cannon: Launchers is a Secret Public Event.


This event starts at a circular Vex cannon, guarded by a couple of Vex Hobgoblins. Players must kill the Hobgoblins and launch through the cannon to a second cannon with two more Hobgoblins. Jumping into the second cannon will send players to a third location of the same kind and once the third cannon is used, players are returned to the initial location. The first cannon will now be guarded by a Storm Minotaur and, potentially, a few other enemies. Players have to defeat it and repeat the process of jumping through the cannons. Once the third Minotaur is killed, the event is completed.


3x Boss Chest